Symphony of Silence 15.12.2018 – 847

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The latest news – Albums Big Red Machine: Big red machine (Jajaguwar/Goodfellas) Heterogeneous Andead: Deus ex Machina (Khimera Records/WormHoleDeath R.) Stins: Through nightmares and dreams (Red Cat Records) Suede: The blue hour (Suede Ltd./Warner Music) The Awakening: Chasm (The Awakening/Intervention Arts) The Joy Formidable: Aaarth (Hassle Records/Goodfellas) The latest news – Singles Helga: In the […]

Playlist: 842 – October, 20th 2018

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The latest news – Albums Ataraxia: Syncronicity embraced/Sleaszy Grinder Records) Dominus Mortalis: Humor is overrated (Self-released) Graham Bonnet Band: Meanwhile, back in the garage (Frontiers Records) Nevrorea: Diva (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat Promotion) Prins Svart: Prins svart (Musica Ex machina/GerMusica PR) Riccardo Andreini & Bramasole: Come polvere (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat Pr.) Solstafir: Berdreyminn (Season Of Mist) […]

Playlist sabato, 14 novembre 2015 – 730

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The latest news – Albums 21 Octayne: 2.0 (AFM Music) Abysmal Grief: Strange rites of evil (Terror From Hell Records/Horror Records) Blackmore’s Night: All our yesterdays (Frontiers Music srl) Chaos Magic: Chaos magic (Frontiers Music srl) Doper Stars Inc.: The Saw saga EP (Self-released) Hogs: Hogs in fishnets (Red Cat Records) Kelly Keeling: Mind radio […]