Playlist: 887 – December, 14th 2019 – 14/12/2019

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887 – December, 14th 2019 – 14/12/2019 New entries – Albums Affäire: Less ain’t more (Perris Records) Alcatrazz: Parole denied – Tokyo 2017 (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) AyahuascA: Naad (Salty Dog Records/Metaversus PR) Crest Of Darkness: The God of flesh (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Crystal Viper: Tales of fire and ice (AFM Records) Doomraiser: The dark side […]

Playlist sabato 19 ottobre 2019 – Saturday October, 19th 2019 – 881

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881 – October, 19th 2019 – 19 ottobre 2019 The latest news – Albums Et Signvm Erat: Some of those memories (Self-released) Ice Vinland: Asgard steel (Pure Steel Records) Last In Line: II (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Plateau Sigma: Symbols – The sleeping harmony of the world below (Avangarde Music/Metaversus PR) The Dead Daisies: Locked and […]

Playlist sabato 21 settembre 2019 – September, 21st 2019 – 877

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876 -September, 21st 2019 The latest news – Albums 5Rand: Dark mother (Time To Kill R./Subsound R./Narcotica Promotion) En Declin: A possible human drift scenario (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Final Coil: The world we left behind for others (WormHoleDeath Records) Helix: Old school (Perris Records) Lai Delle Nubi: Tueri (MiaCameretta Records/Metaversus PR) Narnia: From darkness to […]

Playlist sabato 31 agosto 2019/August, 31st 2019 – 875

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875 – August, 31st 2019 The latest news – Albums Anthony Mills: Blue collar work ethic (ICEA/Icon Creating Evil Art) Blood Thirsty Demons: …In death we trust (The Triad Records/C.M. Releases/Frantic Mule) Lordi: Recordead live – Sextourcism in Z7 (AFM Records) Star Gazery: Eye on the sky (Pure Steel Records) The latest news – Singles […]

Playlist sabato 3 agosto 2019 / August, 3rd 2019 – 873

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873 – August, 3rd 2019 The latest news -Albums Gypsy Rose: Reloaded (Pride & Joy Music/GerMusica PR) Sonsombre: The veils of ending (Post Gothic) The latest news – Singles Ardours: Last moment (from: Last place on earth/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Bleached: Hard to kill (from: Don’t you think you’ve had enough?/Dead Oceans/Goodfellas) Equilibrium: Renegades – A […]

Playlist sabato 29 giugno 2019 – June, 29th 2019 – 869

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869 – June, 29th 2019 The latest news – Albums Alessandro Alajmo: Firenze mare blues (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat) Deepshade: Soul divider (WormHoleDeath Records) Petricor: First breath (Fluttery Records) Vincenzo Grieco: Misleanding lights of town (Red Cat Inst Fringe) The latest news – Singles Black Mountain: Boogie lover (from: Destroyer/Jagjaguwar/Goodfellas) Deepshade: Sad sun (from: Soul divider/WormHoleDeath […]