Symphony of Silence 15.12.2018 – 847

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The latest news – Albums Big Red Machine: Big red machine (Jajaguwar/Goodfellas) Heterogeneous Andead: Deus ex Machina (Khimera Records/WormHoleDeath R.) Stins: Through nightmares and dreams (Red Cat Records) Suede: The blue hour (Suede Ltd./Warner Music) The Awakening: Chasm (The Awakening/Intervention Arts) The Joy Formidable: Aaarth (Hassle Records/Goodfellas) The latest news – Singles Helga: In the […]

Playlist sabato 9 aprile 2016 – 746

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The latest news – Albums Crematory: Monument (SPV/Steamhammer) Dark Oath: When fire engulfs the earth (WormHoleDeath Records) Find Me: Dark angel (Fronters Music srl) Novembre: URSA (Peaceville Records) Plateau Sigma: Rituals (Avantgarde) Redwest: Crimson renegade (Bakerteam Records) Suede: Night thoughts (Warner Music UK Ltd) The latest news – Singles Lords Of Black: Merciless (from: II/Frontiers […]

Playlist sabato 25 ottobre 2014 – 695

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The latest news Sacrilege: Demon woman (Jolly Roger Records) Reissues Suede: Royal Albert Hall, 24 march 2010 (Teenage Cancer Trust/Demon Music) Singles Aversions Crown: Vectors (from: Tyrant/Nuclear Blast) Crobot: Legend of the spaceborne killer (from: Something supernatural/Nuclear Blast) Fyre!: Moonshine (from: Missy Powerful/Flaming passion music/AFM/Audioglobe) The Harrow: Mouth to mouth (from: Mouth to mouth/Everything Is […]

Playlist sabato 11 ottobre 2014 – 693

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The latest news Derdian: Human reset (Self-released/V-Promotion) Der Himmel Uber Berlin: Shadowdancers (Self-released/Music Obscure) Leather Alive: Loom (Go Down Records) Lu Silver: Lu Silver (Go Down Records) Moonland Feat. Lenna Kuurma: Moonland (Frontiers Records) Stryper: Live at the Whisky (Frontiers Records) Work Of Art: Framework (Frontiers Records) Singles Accept: Dark side of my heart (from: […]