Playlist sabato 11 maggio 2019 – 863 / May, 11th 2019

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863 – May, 11th 2019 The latest news – Albums La Janara: Tenebra (Black Widow Records) The Doormen: Plastic breakfast (MiaCameretta Records/Goodfellas/Metaversus PR) The Sabbathian: Latum Alterum (Svart Records) The latest news – Singles Burning Rain: Face the music (from: Face the music/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Crazy Lixx: Break out (from: Forever wild/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Flat […]

Playlist sabato 18 novembre – 809

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  The latest news – Albums Eden’s Curse: Eden’s Curse revisited (AFM Records) Infestus: Dresses of darkness (Club Inferno Ent.) Stielas Storhett: Curtain (WormHoleDeath Records) VV.AA.: 20 years metal addiction (AFM Records) The latest news – Singles Cellar Darling: Six days (from: This is the sound/Nuclear Blast Records) L.A. Guns: The flood’s the fault of […]