Playlist: 884 – November , 9th 2019 – 9/11/2019

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  884 – November , 9th 2019 – 9/11/2019 The latest news – Albums Dogface: From the end to the beginning (Scandirock Records/Pride & Joy Music/GerMusica PR) Eclipse: Paradigm (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) From Sorrow To Serenity: Reclaim (Long Branch Records/SPV) Human Colonies: Cloudchaser and old songs (MiaCameretta Records/Lady Sometimes Records/Metaversus PR) Morano: Incognito (Perris Records) […]

Playlist sabato, 2 novembre 2019 / Saturday, November 2nd 2019 – 883

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883 – November, 2nd 2019 – 02/11/2019 The latest news – Albums Dream Company: The wildest season (Tanzan Music) Dvm Spiro: MMXIXI – In frigidvm lectvm (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Prong: Age of defiance *EP* (Steamhammer/SPV) Robert Tepper: Better than the rest (AOR Heaven/GerMusica PR) Silvertomb: Edge of existence (Long Branch Records/SPV) The Winonas: Arborea *EP* […]

Playlist sabato 24 agosto 2019/August, 24th 2019 – 874

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874 – August, 24th 2019 The latest news – Albums Deer Park Ranger: Wolf (Fluttery Records) Frostmoon Eclipse: The Legacy II (Black Tears Of Death) Theatre Of Tragedy: Remixed (AFM Records/Audioglobe) The Raconteurs: Help us stranger (Third Man Records) The latest news – Singles Jack Slamer: Honey & gold (from: Jack Slamer/Nuclear Blast) Memoriam: Shell […]

Playlist sabato 29 giugno 2019 – June, 29th 2019 – 869

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869 – June, 29th 2019 The latest news – Albums Alessandro Alajmo: Firenze mare blues (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat) Deepshade: Soul divider (WormHoleDeath Records) Petricor: First breath (Fluttery Records) Vincenzo Grieco: Misleanding lights of town (Red Cat Inst Fringe) The latest news – Singles Black Mountain: Boogie lover (from: Destroyer/Jagjaguwar/Goodfellas) Deepshade: Sad sun (from: Soul divider/WormHoleDeath […]

Playlist sabato 10 marzo 2018 – 820

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  The latest news – Albums Deadheads: This one goes to 11 (High Roller Records/Soulfood) Kaptain Preemo: Kaptain Preemo (Retro Vox Records) Lisa Kant: Trinus (Elastica Records/Beatrising/A Buzz Supreme) Nebula: Dos e.p.’s (Heavy Psych Sounds/Goodfellas) One Dimensional Man: You don’t exist (La Tempesta International/Goodfellas) Qntal: VIII – Nachtblume (Drakkar Entertainment) Schattenmann: Licht an (AFM Records/Drakkar […]

Playlist sabato 13 marzo 2017 – 782

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The latest news – Albums Thinking Plague: Hoping against hope (Cuneiform Records) The latest news – Singles Amorphis: Her alone *live* (from: At evening with friends at Huvila/Nuclear Blast) Battle Beast: Bringer of pain (from: Bringer of pain/Nuclear Blast) Double Crush Syndrome: On top of Mt. Whateverest (from: Die for rock’n’roll/Arising Empire Records) Eclipse: Vertigo […]