Symphony of Silence 5 gennaio 2019 – 849 – Playlist

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  The latest news – Albums 42DE: EP (Fluttery Records) Asymmetry Of Ego: Forsake beyond the dusk (Self-released) Brainstorm: Midnight ghost (AFM Records) Hollowscene: Hollowscene (Black Widow Records) Lacuna Coil: The 119 Show – Live in London (Century Media) Manimal: Purgatorio (AFM Records) Martin Rubashov: The nature script (Despotz Records) VV.AA.: 7” Sottoterra Rock Zine […]

Playlist sabato 13.08.2016 – 759

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The latest news – Albums Charun: Stige (Cave Canem DIY/As Above So Below Records) Fragile Balance: Candelight sessions (Fluttery Records) Lacuna Coil: Delirium (Century Media) Mark Gemini Thwaite: Volumes (Oblivion/SPV) Orden Ogan: The book of Ogan (AFM Records) Radio Days: Back in the day (Surfin’ Ki Records) The latest news – Singles Black Rain: Killing […]

Album del mese e nominations – Aprile 2014

Album of the Month – April 2014 Lacuna Coil: Broken crown halo (Century Media) Best Of Gothic/Dark/Electro The Spiritual Bat: Mosaic (Danse Macabre) Gothic Metal Bloody mary: Anno zero (Valery Records) New Wave Sorry, Heels: Distances (Self-released) A.O.R./Melodic Rock/Class Metal Asia: Gravitas (Frontiers Records) L.R.S.: Down to the core (Frontiers Records) Glam/Street/Sleazy —- Metal/Doom/Epic Dragonhammer: […]

Playlist sabato 19 aprile 2014 – 675

The latest news Alcova: Il sole nudo (Rossocorvo/Kabukista) Bloody Mary: Anno zero (Valery Records) Elepharmers: Weird tales from the third planet (Go Down Records) Iron Savior: Rise of the hero/AFM Music) Lacuna Coil: Broken crown halo (Century Media Records) Magnum: Escape from the shadow garden/Steamhammer/SPV) Sorry, Heels: Distances (Self-released) Singles Alteria: 5uck my soul (from: […]

Playlist sabato 12 aprile 2014 – 674

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The latest news Asia: Gravitas (Frontiers Records) Black Dago: Black dago (Go Down Records) Devil’s Heaven: Heaven on earth (Hell Diver Records) Dragonhammer: The X Experiment/My Kingdom Music) Eldritch: Tasting the tears/Scarlet Records) Ethersens: Your wandering ghost/Scarlet Records) L.R.S.: Down to the core (Frontiers Records) Pretty Maids: Louder than ever (Frontiers Records) The Spiritual Bat: […]