Playlist sabato 7 settembre 2019/September, 7th 2019 – 876

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876 – September, 7th 2019 The latest news – Albums Dokken: Return to the East live 2016 (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Hidden Scars – A project by Luca Fucci: Damaged (La Fucina Studio Recording/Sour Candies Music) Inkubus Sukkubus: Lilith rising (Pagan Media Muzick/Resurrection Records) Jorn: Live on death row (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Rainbow Bridge: Lama (Self-released/Frantic […]

Playlist sabato 29 giugno 2019 – June, 29th 2019 – 869

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869 – June, 29th 2019 The latest news – Albums Alessandro Alajmo: Firenze mare blues (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat) Deepshade: Soul divider (WormHoleDeath Records) Petricor: First breath (Fluttery Records) Vincenzo Grieco: Misleanding lights of town (Red Cat Inst Fringe) The latest news – Singles Black Mountain: Boogie lover (from: Destroyer/Jagjaguwar/Goodfellas) Deepshade: Sad sun (from: Soul divider/WormHoleDeath […]

Playlist sabato 7 gennaio 2017 – 774

eternalidolThe latest news – Albums
A.O.R.: L.A. darkness (Perris Records)
Avvoltoi: Confessioni di un povero imbecille (Go Down Records)
Estetica Noir: Purity (Red Cat Records/Audioglobe)
Eternal Idol: The unrevealed secret (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Hardline: Human nature (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Omen: Hammer damage (Pure Steel Records)
Rick Springfield: Rocket science (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Rossometile: Alchemica (Self-released)
Shining Line: Shining line (Street Symphonies Records/Andromeda)
Vega: Who we are (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
The latest news – Singles
Jorn: I know there’s something going on (from: Heavy rock radio/Frontiers Music)
Nada: Una pioggia di sale (from: L’amore devi seguirlo/Santeria)
Nadàr Solo: Aprile (from: Semplice/Tirreno Dischi/Kizmaiaz)

(Special edition – Top 10
Antonius Rex: Proxima luna (from: Ralefun 32nd Anniversary Edition/Black Widow)
Sancta Sanctorum: The end is near (from: The shining darkness/Black Widow Rec.)
Klimt 1918: Belvedere (from: Sentimentale Jugend/Prophecy Productions)
Novembre: The rose (from: URSA/Peaceville Records)
Lacuna Coil: Delirium (from: Delirium/Century Media)
Katatonia: Old heart falls (from: The fall of hearts/Peaceville Records)
Prioratvm: Chajat (from: Adonis/Final Muzik)
Nada: Una pioggia di sale (from: L’amore devi seguirlo/Santeria)
Albireon: Gli aironi (from: L’inverno e l’aquilone/Palace Of Worms/Torredei Rec.)
Evergrey: Astray (from: The storm within/AFM Records)
Braindamage: Substituting forgiveness with mass destruction (from: Downfall/My Kingdom Music)
Rossometile: La fenice (from: Alchemica/Self-released)
Ataraxia: Message to the clouds (from: Deep blue firmament/Sleaszy Rider Records)
Dperd: Vorrei una vita semplice (from: V/My Kingdom Music)
Klimt 1918: Nostalghia (from: Sentimentale Jugend/Prophecy Productions)
Estetica Noir: Deluxe lies edition (from: Purity/Red Cat Records)
Eternal Idol: Evil tears (from: The unrevealed secret/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Jorn: I know there’s something going on (from: Heavy rock radio/Frontiers Music)
Rick Springfield: Miss mayhem (from: Rocket science/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
A.O.R.: Seven storms (from: L.A. darkness/Perris Records)
Von Groove: The seventh day (from: The seventh day/Z Records)
Vega: Saving grace (from: Who we are/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Shining Line: The infinity in us (from: Shining line/Street Symphonies Records/Andromeda)
Hardline: In the dead of the night (from: Human nature/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Eternal Idol: Awake in Orion (from: The unrevelead secret/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Avvoltoi: Brucia (from: Confessioni di un povero imbecille/Go Down Records)
Nadàr Solo: Aprile (from: Semplice/Tirreno Dischi/Kizmaiaz)
Orden Ogan: Angels war (from: The book of Ogan/Testimonium a.d./AFM Records)
Omen: Hammer damage (from: Hammer damage/Pure Steel Records)
Yawning Man: Ground swell *live* (from: Live at Maximum Festival/Go Down R.)

Playlist sabato 23 luglio 2016 – 757

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The latest news – Albums Jorn: Heavy rock radio (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Primal Fear: Rulebreaker/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) The Sprong Boys/Karamazov: Split (Turboreactor/Potus?)(Go Down Records) The Treatment: Generation me (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) The latest news – Singles DGM: Animal (from: The passage/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Machine Head: Is there anybody out there? (from: Is there anybody out […]