Playlist sabato 1 aprile 2017 – 784

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The latest news – Albums IQ: Scrape across the sky (GEP) Naga: Inanimate (Everlasting Spew Records) Seuss: Seuss (Self-released) SinHeresy:Domino (Scarlet Records) S.O.A.B.:Soabology (Go Down Records) The latest news – Singles Holy Martyr: Born of hope (from: Darkness shall prevail/Dragonheart Records/Audioglobe) The Wild!: Livin’ free (from: Wild at heart/SPV/Steamhammer) Reissues Soundgarden: Flower (from: Ultramega OK […]

Playlist sabato 17 gennaio 2015 – 702

The latest news A.o.S.: Through the eyes of a glorious raven (WormHoleDeath) Bailey: Long way down (Frontiers Records) Cea Serin: The vibrant sound of bliss and decay (Generation Prog/Nightmare Distribution) Engel: Raven kings (Gain Music) Helix: Bastard of the blues (Perris Records) Paolo Apollo Negri: Hello world (Tanzan Music/Hammondbeat) Starbynary: Dark passenger (Bakerteam Records) Singles […]

Il meglio (a nostro modesto parere) del 2014 di Symphony Of Silence

SYMPHONY OF SILENCE Since 1995, the real independent and underground rock radio magazine! In collaboration with: ALBUM OF THE YEAR – 2014 IQ: The road of bones (GEP) VER SACRUM – TOP 5 1. IQ: The road of bones (GEP) 2. Lacuna Coil: Broken crown halo (Century Media) 3. Cadaveria: […]

Playlist sabato 17 maggio 2014 – 677

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The latest news Active Heed: Visions from realities (Self-released) Beata Beatrix: The new gothic generation (Wave Records) Elegy Of Madness: Brave dreams (WormHoleDeath/Dreamcell 11/Aural Music) IQ: The road of bones (GEP) Laney’s Legion: Laney’s legion (Perris Records) Levania: Renascentis (WormHoleDeath/Dreamcell 11/Aural Music) Moonshine: Moonshine (Southern Blood Records/Perris Records) Pavlov’s Dog: Has anyone here seen Sigfried […]