Playlist sabato 3 agosto 2019 / August, 3rd 2019 – 873

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873 – August, 3rd 2019 The latest news -Albums Gypsy Rose: Reloaded (Pride & Joy Music/GerMusica PR) Sonsombre: The veils of ending (Post Gothic) The latest news – Singles Ardours: Last moment (from: Last place on earth/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Bleached: Hard to kill (from: Don’t you think you’ve had enough?/Dead Oceans/Goodfellas) Equilibrium: Renegades – A […]

Playlist sabato 27 luglio 2019 / July, 27th 2019 – 872

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872 – July, 27th 2019 The latest news – Albums Bleached: Don’t you think you’ve had enough? (Dead Oceans/Goodfellas) Mortado: Rupert the King (Blasphemous Records/Self Distribuzione) Mortuous: Through wilderness (Dawnbreed Records/Tankcrimes/Carbonized Records/Anubi Press) Tanzwut: Seemannsgarn (AFM Recods/Audioglobe) Toby Hitchcock: Reckoning (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Whitesnake: Flesh & blood (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) The latest news – Singles […]

Playlist sabato 20 luglio 2019 – July, 20th 2019 – 871

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871 – July, 20th 2019 The latest news – Albums Flat125: Rain, steam and speed (MiaCameretta Records/Metaversus PR) Mayfair: Frevel (Pure Steel Records) Tanzwut: Seemannsgarn (AFM Records/Audioglobe) True Sleeper: Life happened (Lady Sometimes R./A Modest Proposal R./Metaversus) Wilderness: I’m not here (MiaCameretta Records/Metaversus PR) The latest news – Singles Crazy Lixx: Silent thunder (from: Forever […]

Playlist sabato 6 luglio 2019 – July, 6th 2019 – 870

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870 – July, 7th 2019 – 07/07/2019 Special guest: Cosmo Cocktail The latest news – Albums Halm: Second skin (Ditto Music/Icons Creating Evil Art) The latest news – Singles Cosmo Cocktail: Summer of my mind (Single/Cosmo Cocktail) Crazy Lixx: Break out (Midnight Danger synthwave re-mix (Single remix from: Forever wild/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Drab Majesty: Ellipsis […]

Playlist sabato 29 giugno 2019 – June, 29th 2019 – 869

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869 – June, 29th 2019 The latest news – Albums Alessandro Alajmo: Firenze mare blues (Suburbansky Records/Red Cat) Deepshade: Soul divider (WormHoleDeath Records) Petricor: First breath (Fluttery Records) Vincenzo Grieco: Misleanding lights of town (Red Cat Inst Fringe) The latest news – Singles Black Mountain: Boogie lover (from: Destroyer/Jagjaguwar/Goodfellas) Deepshade: Sad sun (from: Soul divider/WormHoleDeath […]

Playlist sabato 8 giugno 2019 – June, 8th 2019 – 866

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866 – June, 8th 2019 The latest news – Albums Alice Tambourine Lover: Down below (Go Down Records) Black Mountain: Destroyer (JagJaguwar/Goodfellas) Come Taste The Band: Reignition/AOR Heaven/GerMusica PR) Elevators To The Grateful Sky: Nude (Sound Effect Records/Metaversus PR) EUF: NBPR – Non basta più rumore (I Dischi Del Minollo/Audioglobe/Metaversus) Irina Nestor: One day you’ll […]

Playlist sabato 1 giugno 2019 / June, 1st 2019 – 865

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865 – June, 1st 2019 The latest news – Albums Coil Commemorate Enslave: The unavoidable (Self-released) Conny Ochs: Doom folk (Exile on Mainstream Records/Go Down Records) Embrace Of Disharmony: De Rervm Natvra (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Infinita Symphonia: Liberation (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Mansion: First death of the Lutheran (I Hate Records) Prins Svart: Inte har for […]