Playlist sabato 12 maggio 2018 – 826

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  The latest news – Albums Beesus: Sgt. Beesus… and the lonely ass gangbang! (New Sonic Records) Bonfire: Temple of lies (AFM Records) Daylight Silence: Threshold of time (Red Cat Records/Audioglobe) Louise Lemon: Purge LP (Icons Creating Evil Art) Fading Rain: Let silence begin (White Zoo Records) The latest news – Singles Blues Pills: Little […]

Playlist sabato 11 maggio 2015 – 711

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The latest news Cyrax: Pictures (Bakerteam Records) Dark Sarah: Behind the black veil (Inner Wound Recordings) Exit Strategy: Exit strategy (Crysella Records) Fading Rain: Winter ballads (Mislealia Records) Frankenstein Rooster: The nerdvrotic sounds’ escape (Scarlet Records) Issa: Crossfire (Frontiers Records) Mastercastle: Enfer (de la Bibliotheque Nationale) (Scarlet Records) Nightglow: Orpheus (Bakerteam Records) Prong: Songs from […]