PainKillers: pubblicato il debut album “Storyteller”

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Riceviamo e pubblichiamo con piacere questo comunicato stampa, ringraziando Valery Records! È uscito, sotto etichetta Valery Records, il 17 gennaio 2020, Storyteller, l’album di debutto della band punk-rock PainKillers. Il disco intende trasmettere un messaggio chiave: tutte le vite sono una storia da raccontare. Il titolo stesso infatti caratterizza il “ fil rouge” del loro […]

Playlist: 886 – December, 7th 2019 – 07/12/2019

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886 – December, 7th 2019 – 07/12/2019 New entries – Albums Edenbridge: Dynamind (Steamhammer/SPV) Helga: The autumn lament (Icons Creating Evil Art/CMG Holding AB) Liv Sin: Burning sermons (Despotz Records) MadHouse: MadHouse Hotel (MadHouse/Dysfunction Productions) Santamuerte: Konokono (MiaCameretta Records/Music For People/Go Down Rec.) SuperHype: Never mind the botox here’s the SuperHype (Aua Records) The Backdoor […]

Playlist: 885 – November, 16th 2019 – 16/11/2019

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885 – November, 16th 2019 – 16/11/2019 New entries – Albums Age Of Reflection: A new dawn (AOR Heaven/GerMusica PR) Dawn Of Destiny: The beast inside (Ram It Down Records) Rob Moratti: Renaissance (AOR Heaven/GerMusica PR) The Manifesto: Maximilien (Bloom Recordings/Metaversus PR) New entries – Singles Anemone: Sunshine (back to the start) (from: Beat my […]

Playlist: 884 – November , 9th 2019 – 9/11/2019

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  884 – November , 9th 2019 – 9/11/2019 The latest news – Albums Dogface: From the end to the beginning (Scandirock Records/Pride & Joy Music/GerMusica PR) Eclipse: Paradigm (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) From Sorrow To Serenity: Reclaim (Long Branch Records/SPV) Human Colonies: Cloudchaser and old songs (MiaCameretta Records/Lady Sometimes Records/Metaversus PR) Morano: Incognito (Perris Records) […]

Playlist sabato, 2 novembre 2019 / Saturday, November 2nd 2019 – 883

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883 – November, 2nd 2019 – 02/11/2019 The latest news – Albums Dream Company: The wildest season (Tanzan Music) Dvm Spiro: MMXIXI – In frigidvm lectvm (My Kingdom Music/Goodfellas) Prong: Age of defiance *EP* (Steamhammer/SPV) Robert Tepper: Better than the rest (AOR Heaven/GerMusica PR) Silvertomb: Edge of existence (Long Branch Records/SPV) The Winonas: Arborea *EP* […]

Playlist sabato 28 settembre 2019 – September, 28th 2019 – 878

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878 – September, 28th 2019 The latest news – Albums Bonfire: Live on Holy Ground – Wacken 2018 (AFM Records) Cosimo Bianciardi & Intima Psicotensione: I.P.T. (Suburban Sky Records/Red Cat Promotion) D.A.D.: A prayer for the loud (AFM Records) Elvenking: Reader of the runes – Divination (AFM Records) Gjöll: Residual EP (WormHoleDeath Records) Half Life: […]

Playlist sabato 31 agosto 2019/August, 31st 2019 – 875

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875 – August, 31st 2019 The latest news – Albums Anthony Mills: Blue collar work ethic (ICEA/Icon Creating Evil Art) Blood Thirsty Demons: …In death we trust (The Triad Records/C.M. Releases/Frantic Mule) Lordi: Recordead live – Sextourcism in Z7 (AFM Records) Star Gazery: Eye on the sky (Pure Steel Records) The latest news – Singles […]