Playlist sabato 14 luglio 2018 – 832

The latest news – Albums Borealis: The offering (AFM Records) Fakir Thongs: Lupex (Music For People/Go Down Records) Kenos: Pest (My Kingdom Music/Audioglobe/Aural Music) RVG: A quality of mercy (Fat Possum Records/Goodfellas) The Shameless: Blossoms (Self-released/Tri Tubba Press Booking & Management) The latest news – Singles Gioeli Castronovo: Set the world on fire (from: Set […]

Playlist sabato 7 luglio 2018 – 831

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  The latest news – Albums Bulletboys: From out of the skies (Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Gianluca Magri: Reborn (Red Cat Inst Fringe) Helalyn Flowers: Nyctophilia (Alfa Matrix/Audioglobe) Hogs: Fingerprints (Red Cat Records) Indicative: III – Awake existence decline (Qanat Records/Pistacho/Goodfellas) Mr. Bison: Holy oak (Subsound Records) Saffire: Where the monsters dwell (Perris Records) Sensorium: MMXVIII […]

Playlist sabato, 23 giugno 2018 – 830

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The latest news – Albums Lordi: Sexorcism (AFM Music) Luca Fucci: Live scars (Self-released) Obsolete Theory: Mudness (My Kingdom Music) Paola Pellegrini Lexrock: Lady to rock (Red Cat Records) Seasons Of The Wolf: Last act of defiance (Iron Shield Records/Earth Mother Music) Tri State Corner: Hero (Drakkar Entertainment) While My City Burns: Prone to self […]

Playlist sabato 16 giugno 2018 – 829

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  The latest news – Albums Dead City Ruins: Never say die (AFM Records) Gus G.: Fearless (AFM Records) Kickstarter Ritual: Ready to take a ride/Atomic Stuff) Lipz: Scaryman (Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group) Rodolfo Montuoro: Voices (Believe Digital/Rouge Promozione Musicale/AiMusic) Six Circles: New belief (Phonosphera Records/Metaversus PR) Stryper: God damn evil (Frontiers Music […]

Playlist sabato 2 giugno 2018 – 828 – Intervista Nomotion

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    Interview with: n6m6ti6n Jon Bergman: vocals & acoustic guitar Eros Piani : electric guitar Andrea De Colle: electric piano Alessio De Colle: bass Lorenzo ‘Tubo’ Della Rovere: drums Preview of the forthcoming LP “Funeral parade of lovers” – self-released Warm-up From: Silohuettes & Statues – a gothic revolution 1978 – 1986 (Cherry Red […]

Playlist sabato 12 maggio 2018 – 826

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  The latest news – Albums Beesus: Sgt. Beesus… and the lonely ass gangbang! (New Sonic Records) Bonfire: Temple of lies (AFM Records) Daylight Silence: Threshold of time (Red Cat Records/Audioglobe) Louise Lemon: Purge LP (Icons Creating Evil Art) Fading Rain: Let silence begin (White Zoo Records) The latest news – Singles Blues Pills: Little […]

Playlist sabato 5 maggio 2018 – 824

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The latest news – Albums Drakkar: Cold winter’s night (My Kingdom Music) Thelema: The celebration of the wolfgoat (Palace Of Worms Records/Torredei R.) The latest news – Singles Albert Hammod Jr.: Set to attack (from: Francis trouble/Red Bull Records/Audioglobe) Amanda Somerville’s Trillium: Time to shine (from: Tectonic/Frontiers Music s.r.l.) Amorphis: Wrong direction (from: Queen of […]