Symphony of Silence 5 gennaio 2019 – 849 – Playlist


The latest news – Albums

42DE: EP (Fluttery Records)

Asymmetry Of Ego: Forsake beyond the dusk (Self-released)

Brainstorm: Midnight ghost (AFM Records)

Hollowscene: Hollowscene (Black Widow Records)

Lacuna Coil: The 119 Show – Live in London (Century Media)

Manimal: Purgatorio (AFM Records)

Martin Rubashov: The nature script (Despotz Records)

VV.AA.: 7” Sottoterra Rock Zine # 12 STT #002 (Sottoterra Rock Zine)


Eduardo Vitolo: Children of doom (Tsunami Edizioni)


Sottoterra Rock Zine # 12


My Dying Bride: Black God (from: Anti-diluvian chronicles/Peaceville Records)

Type O Negative: Red water (Christmas mourning) (from: October rust/Roadrunner)

October Burns Black: Light on light (from: Fault line EP/Self-released)

The Sisters Of Mercy: No time to cry (from: First and last and always/Merciful Release/Rhino/Warner Music UK Ltd.)

Astari Nite: I am nothing (from: Midnight configuration/Cleapatra Records/Danse Macabre Records)

The Ossuary: Post mortem blues (from: Post mortem blues/Supreme Chaos Records)

Solitude Aeturnus: Believe (from: Adagio/Massacre Records)

Ashram: Ultimo carillon (from: Shining silver skies/Equilibrium Music)

Martin Rubashov: Black elk *featuring Anders Fridén/In Flames* (from: The nature script/Despotz Records)

The Awakening: Raphael awake (from: Chasm/The Awakening/Intervention Arts)

Lacuna Coil: Closer *live*/Comalies *live* (from: The 119 Show – Live in London/Century Media Records)

42DE: Fall of the moon (from. EP/Fluttery Records)

Hollowscene: The worm (from: Hollowscene/Black Widow Records)

Brainstorm: Revealing the darkness (from: Midnight ghost/AFM Records)

Manimal: Black plague (from: Purgatorio/AFM Records)

Asymmetry Of Ego: The monster (from: Forsake beyond the dusk/Self-released)

Beechwood: Gottheit blues (from: 7” Sottoterra Rock Zine # 12 STT #002/Sottoterra Rock Zine)

Damian O’Neill And The Monotones: Birthday song : 7” Sottoterra Rock Zine # 12 STT #002/Sottoterra Rock Zine)

Beechwood: Flesh Hotel (from: Inside the Flesh Hotel/Alive Naturalsound Records)




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