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Album of the year
Klimt 1918: Sentimentale Jugend (Prophecy Productions)

Gennaio – January

Album of the Month
The Half Of Mary: Ruins (Self-released/A Buzz Supreme)

Top 5 – Albums
Chrimson Chrysalis: Enraptured (WormHoleDeath Records)
Khymera: The grand design (Frontiers Music srl)
Motus Tenebrae: Deathrising (My Kingdom Music)
Stardom: Make-up Stardom (Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Viridanse: Viridanse (Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)

Top Singles
Avatarium: Pearls and coffins (from: The girl with the raven mask/Nuclear Blast)
Basia Bulat: Infamous *radio mix* (from: Good advice/Secret City Publishing Inc./Ptak Music)

After Apocalypse
Cemetery Fog

Febbraio –February

Album of the Month
Albireon: L’inverno e l’aquilone (Palace of Worms/Torredei Records)

Top 5 – Albums
Awake The Sun: The barren sleep (Sliptrick Records)
Der Noir: A certain idea of love (Subsound Records/RBL Music/Narcotica Publ.)
From The Fire: Through the oceans of time (SwissDarkNights)
The Harrow: Silhouettes (Aufnahme+Wiedergabe)
Vanden Plas: Chronicles of the immortals – Netherworld II (Frontiers Music srl)

Top 5 – Singles
La Strange: Voices (from: Voices/All Out Music UK)
Lords Of Black: Everything you’re not (from: II/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Novelists: Voyager (from: Souvenirs/Arising Empire)
Rhapsody Of Fire: Into the legend (from: Into the legend/AFM Records)
The 69 Eyes: Jet fighter plane (from: Universal monsters/Nuclear Blast)

Marzo – March

Album of the Month
DPERD: V (My Kingdom Music)

Top 5 – Albums
Dave Shadow: Me, myself and I (JL Records)
Excruciation: Crust (Auric Records/WormHoleDeath)
Joel Hoekstra’s 13: Dying to live (Frontiers Music srl)
Prong: X – No absolutes (Steamhammer/SPV)
Soul Of Enoch: Neo locus (BloodRockRecords)

Top 5 – Singles
Beartooth: In between (from: Disgusting/Red Bull Records)
Magnum: Gypsy Queen (from: Sacred blood “divine” lies/Steamhammer/SPV)
Novembre: Umana (from: URSA/Peaceville Records)
Shiraz Lane: Wake up (from: Wake up/Frontiers Music srl)
Witchcraft: Theory of consequence (from: Nucleus/Nuclear Blast)

My Mannequin

Aprile – April

Album of the Month
Novembre: URSA (Peaceville Records)

Top 5 – Albums
Belladonna: The orchestral album (Belladonna Records)
Crematory: Monument (SPV/Steamhammer)
Danger Zone: Closer to heaven (Pride & Joy Music)
Nordic Union: Nordic union (Frontiers Records s.r.l.)
Suede: Night thoughts (Warner Music UK Ltd)

Top 5 – Singles
Amorphis: The four wise ones (from: Under the red cloud/Nuclear Blast)
Faz Waltz: Good time is callin’ loud (Contra Records/Longshot Music)
Grand Magus: Varangian (from: Sword songs/Nuclear Blast)
Katatonia: Old heart falls (from: The fall of hearts/Peaceville Records)
Treat: Ghost of Graceland (from: Ghost of Graceland/Frontiers Records)

Ashes to Ashes
The Dirties

May – Maggio / June – Giugno

Album of the Month
Briandamage: The downfall (My Kingdom Music)

Top 10 – Albums
Blackwood: As the world rots away (Subsound Records)
Deftones: Gore (Reprise Records)
Helalyn Flowers: Sonic foundation (Alfa-Matrix)
Lightless Moor: Hymn to the fallen (WormHoleDeath Records)
Circus Maximus: Havoc (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Pater Nembrot: Nusun (Go Down Records)
Prioratvm: Adonis (Final Muzik)
Royal Hunt: Cargo (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Temple Of Dust: Capricorn (Phonosphera Records)
Yawniong Man: Live at Maximum Fest (Go Down Records)

Top 5 – Singles
Avantasia: Draconian love (from: Ghostlights/Nuclear Blast)
Blues Pills: Lady in gold (from: Lady in gold/Nuclear Blast)
Kristin Kontrol: X-Communicate (from: X-Communicate/Sub Pop Records)
Tystnaden: Beyond the storm (from: Beyond the storm/Valery Records)
Vitrea: Debris EP (Self-released)

Caravan Palace
Pressione Su Malta

July – Luglio / August – Agosto

Album of the Month
Lacuna Coil: Delirium (Century Media)

Top 10 – Albums
Crazy Lixx: Sound of the LIVE minority (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Dark Avenger: Tales of Avalon – The lament (Scarlet Records)
Deus Ex Machina: Devoto (Cuneiform Records)
Fatz Waltz: Callin’ loud (Contra Records)
Le Scimmie: Colostrum (Red Sound Records)
Mark Gemini Thwaite: Volumes (Oblivion/SPV)
Merciful Nuns: Thelema VIII (Solar Lodge)
Radio Days: Back in the day (Surfin’ Ki Records)
Resurrection Kings: Resurrection kings (Frontiers Records)
Shadowhouse: Hand in hand (Manic Depression Records)

Top 10 – Singles
Black Rain: Killing me (from: Released/UDR Music/Warner)
Blues Pills: Little boy preacher (from: Lady in gold/Nuclear Blast)
DGM: Animal (from: The passage/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Eclipse: Runaways (from: Armageddonize/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Nada: La canzone dell’amore (from: L’amore devi seguirlo/Santeria)
Pain: Black knight satellite (from: Coming home/Nuclear Blast)
Sabaton: The lost batallion (from: The last stand/Nuclear Blast)
TeodasiA: Rise (from: Reloaded/Self-released/E-Grapes)
The Dead Daisies: Long way to go (from: Long way to go/Spitfire Music/SPV)
Twin Atlantic: No sleep (from: GLA/Red Bull Records)

The Drowning Season

September – Settembre

Album of the Month
Evergrey: The storm within (AFM Records)

Top 5 – Albums
Blues Pills: Lady in gold (Nuclear Blast)
Letzte Instanz: Liebe im Krieg (AFM Records)
Sunstorm: Edge of tomorrow (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Theatres Des Vampires: Candyland (Scarlet Records)
The Doormen: Abstract(Ra) (The Doormen)

Top 5 – Singles
Crowbar: Fall while rising (from: The serpent only rise/SPV/Steamhammer)
Epica: Universal dream squad (from: The holographic principle/Nuclear Blast)
Evergrey: Passing through (from: The storm within/AFM Records)
Opeth: Will o the wisp (from: Sorceress/Nuclear Blast)
Pelander: Umbrella (from: Umbrella/Nuclear Blast)


October – Ottobre

Album of the Month
Ataraxia: Deep blue firmament (Sleaszy Rider Records)
Top 6 – Albums
Albireon & Omne Datum Optimum: Fragments (Fragment XXI Records)
Crowbar: The serpent only rise (Steamhammer/SPV)
Lordi: Monstereophonic (AFM Records)
Luigi Rubino: Il soffio e la voce (ARK Records)
The Mission: Another fall from grace (Eyes Wide Shut Recordings/SPV)
The Spiritual Bat: The vision of sound e.p. (Self-released)

Top 5 – Singles
Abysmal Grief/Epitaph: Dies funeris/Farewell to blind men (from: Split/Terror From Hell Records)
Darkthrone: Tundra leech (from: Arctic thunder/Peaceville Records)
Levania: Memory (from: Memory/WormHoleDeath Records)
Night Gaunt: Jupiter’s fall 7” (Temple Of Misery Records)
Pain: A wannabe (from: Coming home/Nuclear Blast)

November – Novembre

Album of the month
Ulysses: Law and order (Black Glove Recordings)

Top 5 – Albums
Crest Of Darkness: Welcome the dead (My Kingdom Music)
Eden’s Curse: Cardinal (AFM Records)
Elepharmers: Erebus (Go Down Records)
Praying Mantis: Legacy (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
TeodasiA: Metamorphosis (Self-released/E Grapes)

Top 5 – Singles
Cozy: Denim Child 7” (Surfin’ Ki Records)
Eternal Idol: Another night comes (from: The unrevealed secret/Frontiers)
Forever Still: Save me (from: Tied down/Nuclear Blast)
Malantiguo: Adamantine (After Life Music Dimension)
Numa Echos: Insanity (from: Shady world/Valery Records/Audioglobe)

December – Dicembre

Album Of The Month
Klimt 1918: Sentimentale Jugend (Prophecy Productions)

Top 3 – Albums
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Keep it greasy (Rise Above Records)
Dunkelnacht: Ritualz of the occult (WormHoleDeath)
Mother Island: Wet moon (Go Down Records)

Top 3 – Singles
Dr. Boogie: Get back to New York City/Down this road (Daed Beat/White Zoo)
Scorpion Child: Acid roulette (from: Acid roulette/Nuclear Blast)
Vitrea: Stitches (Self-released)

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