Playlist sabato 10 dicembre 2016 – 771


The latest news – Albums
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Keep it greasy! (Rise Above Records)
Dirty Glory: Mind the gap (Perris Records)
Easy Trigger: Ways of perseverance (Street Symphonies Records/Andromeda Dischi)
Klimt 1918: Sentimentale Jugend (Prophecy Productions)
Officine Schwartz: Colonna Sonora di Remanium Dentaurum Cr Co Mo (Fonoarte/Luce Sia/Again Records)

Playlist part 1
King Crimson: Epitaph (including “March for no reason” and “Tomorrow and tomorrow”) (from: In the court of the Crimson King/Discipline Global Mobile) *in memory of Greg Lake*
Glamorama degeneration! With:
The Lords Of The New Church: Open your eyes (from: Killer Lords/IRS Records)
Hanoi Rocks: Back to mistery city *live* (from: All those wasted years/Geffen R.)
The Cherry Bombz: Sweet pretending *live* (from: Coming down slow/High Dragon Records)
Demolition 23: Deadtime stories (from: Demolition 23/Mercury/PolyGram)
Kill City Dragons: That ain’t no lie (from: Let’em eat cake/Wide Boy Records)
Jerusalem Slim: Attitude adjustment (from: Jerusalem Slim/Polygram Records)
The 69 Eyes: Gimme some skin (from: Motor City Resurrection/Cleopatra R.)
Dogs D’Amour: Wait ‘til I’m dead (from: In the dynamite jet saloon/China Records)
The Lords Of The New Church: Method to my madness (from: Killer Lords/IRS R.)
Playlist part 2
Dirty Glory: Black lightning (from: Mind the gap/Perris Records)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Hairy brain pt. 2 (from: Keep it greasy!/Rise Above)
Klimt 1918: Montecristo/La notte (from: Sentimentale Jugend/Prophecy Productions)
Officine Schwartz: Fraulein 2016 (from: Colonna Sonora di Remanium Dentaurum Cr Co Mo/Fonoarte/Luce Sia/Again Records)
Easy Trigger: Blind (from: Ways of perseverance/Stret Symphonies Records/Andromeda)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Hawkline monksters (from: Keep it greasy!/Rise Above Records)



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