Scaletta sabato 15 ottobre 2016 – 766


The latest news – Albums
Ataraxia: Deep blue firmament (Sleaszy Rider Records)
Joseph Parsons: The field/The forest (Meer Music/Blue Rose Records9
Lordi: Monstereophonic (Theaterror vs. Demonarchy) (AFM Records)
Luigi Rubino: Il soffio e la voce (ARK Records)
The Mission: Another fall from grace (Eyes Wide Shut Recordings/SPV)
The latest news – Singles
Night Gaunt: Jupiter’s fall 7” (Temple Of Misery Records)
Cyclic Amp: Shrapnel in the toyshop (Final Muzik)
Clustersun: Nebula (from: Out of your ego/Seahorse Recordings)
We Are Waves: Old days (from: Labile/Memorial Records/TIC Records/Sounday)
Clustersun: Planar I (from: Out of your ego/Seahorse Recordings)
Fata: N.A.T. (from: Nichilismo artificiale tascabile/Zeta Factory)
Mick Karn: Lost affections in a room (from: Titles/Virgin Records Ltd)
Ataraxia: Greener than grass (from: Deep blue firmament/Sleaszy Rider Records)
Sorry, Heels: Last day on earth (from: The accuracy of silence/Gothic Music Records)
Luigi Rubino: Lampi di luce (from: Il soffio e la voce /ARK Records)
Place4Tears: Tears of Avalon *rain on tears mix by Sean Bowley* (from: Whales don’t cry for suicide/Danse Macabre)
Viviana Scarinci/Edo Notarloberti: La favola di Lilith (from: La favola di Lilith/ARK Records)
Hysterical Sublime: Where (from: Hysterical sublime/Red Vision/Hysterical Sublime)
The Mission: Met-Amor-Phosis (from: Another fall from grace/Eyes Wide Shut Recordings/SPV)
Ultravox: True believer (from: Revelation/Berwick Street Productions/DSB Italia s.r.l.)
Cyclic Amp: Carrion (from: Shrapnel in the toyshop/Final Muzik)
Night Gaunt: Jupiter’s fall (from: Jupiter’s fall/Temple Of Misery Records)
Lordi: Hug you hardcore (from: Monstereophonic/AFM Records)
Theatres Des Vampires: Resurrection Mary (from: Candyland/Scarlet Records)
Mortuary Drape: Pentagram (from: Tolling 13 knell/Peaceville Records)
Darkthrone: Tundra leech (from: Arctic thunder/Peaceville Records)
Motorhead: When the sky comes looking for you (from: Bad Magic/UDR Gmbh)
Joseph Parsons: Abyss (from: The field/The forest/Meer Music/Blue Rose Records)
Luigi Rubino: The last time (from: Il soffio e la voce/ARK Records)



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