Playlist sabato 10 luglio 2016 – 761

The latest news – Albums
Blues Pills: Lady in gold (Nuclear Blast)
Evergrey: The storm within (AFM Records)
Stonewitch: The cross of doom (Terror From Hell Records)
Sunstorm: Edge of tomorrow (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Ted Poley: Beyond the fade (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
The Doormen: Abstract(Ra) (The Doormen)
The latest news – Singles
RavenEye: Hero (from: Nova/Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
King Crimson: I talk to the wind (from: In the court of the crimson king/Discipline Global Mobile)
IQ: Nostalgia/Falling apart at the seems (from: Are you sitting comfortably/Squawk/Vertigo)
Blues Pills: Bad talkers (from: Lady in gold/Nuclear Blast)
Evergrey: In orbit (from: The storm within/AFM Records)
Downstairs Left: Desperation song (from: Waiting for the golden age/Echozone)
The Doormen: Goodnight (from: The doormen/Self-released)
Burning Gates: Oblivion door (from: Split/Equinoxe Records)
The Doormen: A long bridge between us (from: Abstract(Ra)/Self-released)
The House Of Usher: Crisis (from: Split/Equinoxe Records)
Merciful Nuns: All seeing eye (from: Thelema VIII/Solar Lodge)
Stonewitch: The cross of doom (from: The cross of doom/Terror From Hell Records)
The Railway Humanoids: Vulvanoid (from: 86 summer wagon/Nail Records/Ufo Ind.)
RavenEye: Hero (from: Nova/Frontiers Records)
Ted Poley: Hands of love (from: Beyond the fade/Frontiers Records)
Sea Hags: Back to the grind (from: Sea hags/Rock Candy Records)
Sunstorm: Edge of tomorrow (from: Edge of tomorrow/Frontiers Records)
Wolfmother: Mind’s eye (from: Wolfmother/Interscope/Universal)
Simple Minds: Kaleidoscope (from: Celebration/Virgin Records Ltd.)


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