Playlist sabato 9 gennaio 2016 – 736

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After Apocalypse: After apocalypse (logic(il)logic/Atomic Stuff)
Guns n’Roses: New York, New York – Live at the Ritz 1988 – FM raio broadcast (Gossip Production)
Sushi Rain: Cocktail (Jackson Records/Red Cat Promotion)
Killing Joke: Complications (Capital Radio 30.1.80) (from: The unperverted pantomime?/Alchemy Entertainment Ltd.)
Christian Death: Romeo’s distress (from: Only theatre of pain/Frontier Records)
Bauhaus: Ziggy stardust/Lagartija Nick (from: 1979-1983 volume two/Beggars Banquet)
Sentinel Of Eternity: Cyberia/Surrender (from: Sentinel of eternity/Progressive Darkwave Recordings)
After Apocalypse: Dark side (from: After apocalypse/logic(il)logic/Atomic Stuff)
Ajana: In the past I thrive (from: Baden Metal compilation vol. 3 – The griffin has landed/Baden Metal)
My Dying Bride: Feel the misery (from: Feel the misery/Peaceville Records)
Hiroshima Mon Amour: Tutto mio (from: Australasia/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Sushi Rain: March of groove (from: Cocktail/Jackson Records/Red Cat Promotion)
Sea Hags: Doghouse (from: Sea hags/Rock Candy Records)
Guns n’Roses: Nightrain *live* (from: New York, New York – Live at the Ritz 1988 – FM radio broadcast/Gossip Production)
Deviate Damen: Narcissus race (from: Retro-marsch kiss/TSC Records/Deviate Damen)
Whispers In The Shadow: A taste of decay (from: The gothic grotesque & elektro bizarre – Trisol compilation 1/Trisol)
Amorphis: Sacrifice (from: Under the red cloud/Nuclear Blast)
Sentenced: You are the one (from: The cold white light/Century Media)
Kadavar: Lord of the sky (from: Berlin/Nuclear Blast)



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