Ecco i “Top” del 2015!

Ci siamo. 2015 appena concluso, ma quali sono stati i dischi che ci/vi sono piaciuti di più? Nessuna esitazione per la prima piazza, “Speaks evil” dei Giuda ha fatto il vuoto! Ma ci sono nomi interessanti, scorrete la lista, ed attendiamo le vostre proposte! Pronti allora per un altro anno di grande musica!

Album of the year

Giuda: Speaks evil (Burning Heart Records)

2. My Dying Bride: Feel the misery (Peaceville Records)
3. Omrade: Edari (My Kingdom Music)
4. Biters: Electric blood (Earache Records)
5. Lucifer: Lucifer I (Rise Above Records)

Other 50 Albums
(in alphabetical order)

Abysmal Grief: Strange rites of evil (Terror FromHell Records/Horror Records)
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell: Check’em before you wreck’em (Rise Above R.)
Adramelch: Opus (Pure Prog Records)
Ashes Of Moon: The darkness where the past lay sleeping (WormHoleDeath)
Blackmore’s Night: All your yesterdays (Frontiers Music srl)
Braindance: Master of disguise (Progressive Darkwave Records)
Der Himmel Uber Berlin: Emesys (Cold Insanity Music)
Dodheimsgard: A umbra omega (Peaceville Records)
Dope Stars Inc.: Terapunk (Self-released)
Dynfari: Vegferd timans (code666)
Eclipse: Armageddonize (Frontiers Music srl)
Ecnephias: Ecnephias (My Kingdom Music)
Elvenking: The night of nights – Live (AFM Records)
Faz Waltz: Move over (Surfin’ Ki Records/Da Kila Recods)
Fenix Tales: The abyss eye (Self-released)
FM: Heroes and villains (Frontiers Music srl)
Frank The Baptist: As the camp burns (Self-released)
Go Flamingo!: Flashover (Black Fading Records/Front Of House)
Harem Scarem: Thirteen (Frontiers Records)
Hell In The Club: Devil on my shoulder (Scarlet Records)
Hiroshima Mon Amour: Australasia (Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
Hiroshima Mon Amour: Ogni singolo movimento 2004 2014 (Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
Hollow Haze: Memories of an ancient time (Scarlet Records)
In Tormentata Quiete: Cromagia (My Kingdom Music)
Into The Mist: Graveyard of stars (Mislealia Records)
KLOGR: Make your stand (Zeta Factory)
La Menade: Disumanamente (Valery Records)
Leave’s Eyes: King of kings (AFM Records)
Neracruz: Neracruz (Valery Records)
NFD: Walking the dead (Jungle Records)
OssO: OssO (Subsound Records)
Other Voices: A way back (RBL Music)
Pendragon: Men who climb mountains (Pendragon/Toff Records)
Ripper: Third witness (Black Widow Records)
Sadist: Hyaena (Scarlet Records)
Saturnine: Mors vocat (Terror From Hell Records)
SilentLie: Layers of nothing (Bakerteam Records)
Simple Minds: Big music (Sony Music)
Sorry, Heels: The accuracy of silence (Gothic Music Records)
Spettri: 2973 La nemica dei ricordi (Black Widow Records)
Stryper: Fallen (Frontiers Music srl)
Ten: Isla de muerta (Rocktopia Records)
The Mescaline Babies: Primer (Self-released)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Beth out of hell (Frontiers Music srl)
The Swede: Rock’n’roll is (un)dead (Go Down Records)
Vitrea: Songs of glass (Self-released)
VV.AA.: A treasure to find, un omaggio ai Novembre (Mag Music)
We Are Waves: Promises (MeatBeat Records)
Will’o’Wisp: Inusto (Nadir Music)
Witchfield: Sabbatai Zevi (Black Widow Records)

Top 10 – Singles
(in alphabetical order)

Amorphis: Sacrifice (from: Under the red cloud/Nuclear Blast)
Avatarium: Girl with the raven mask (from: The girl with the raven mask/Nuclear Blast)
Kadavar: Lord of the sky (from: Berlin/Nuclear Blast)
Orchid: Sign of the witch (from: Sign of the witch/Nuclear Blast)
Sleater-Kinney: A new wave (from: No cities no love/Sub Pop Records)
TeodAsia: Ghosts (from: Ghosts/Self-released/E-Grapes Promotion)
TesseracT: Messenger (from: Polaris/Kscope)
The Awakening: The carriage (from: The carriage/Independent)
The Harrow: Love like shadows (from: Silohuettes/Aufnahme/Wiedergabe)
Victor Love: Neo Tokyo underground (from: Neo Tokyo underground/Self-released)

(in alphabetical order)

Black Widow Records
Danze Moderne/Fonoarte
Frontiers Music srl
Mislealia Records
My Kingdom Music
Peaceville Records
Rise Above Records
Scarlet Records
Terror From Hell Records
Valery Records



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