Playlist sabto 31.1.02015 – 729 – Special double voice edition – La gnot dai muarts!

729 – October, 31th 2015
Special double voice edition with Francis – Horror rock – La gnot dai muarts
Readings: excerpts from: Horror rock – La musica delle tenebre (Eduardo Vitolo – Alessio Lazzati) – Arcana Edizioni
Abysmal Grief: Ignis fatuus (from: Misfortune/Black Widow)
Death SS: Another life (from: The seventh seal/Lucifer Rising)
Marilyn Manson: The dope show (from: The last tour on earth/Nothing/Interscope R.)
My Chemical Romance: Welcome to the black parade (from: May death never stop you/Reprise Records)
Cadaveria: In memory of Shadow’s Madame (from: The Shadow’s Madame/Scarlet)
Wednesday 13: Put ypur death mask on (from: Skeletons/Demolition Records)
Ripper: Sabbath bloody sabbath (from: Third witness/Black Widow Records)
Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi’s dead (from: 1979-1983 Volume One/Beggars Banquet)

Francis leg:
Clock DVA: Connection machine
Eleven Shadows: Afterhours (cover The Sisters Of Mercy)
Mushy: Respiro
Fehu: Baldr’s fall
Dead Can Dance: De profundis
In The Nursery: Angelorum (Faith & The MUse)
Popol Vuh: Brueder des Schattens
Dargaard: The infinite



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