Playlist sabato 29 agosto 2015 – 723

The latest news
Crystal Crow: Once upon a midnight dreary (Self-released)
Ekra: A shelter for stolen teddybears (A Looney-Tick Productions)
Hiroshima Mon Amour: Australasia (Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
Kezia: The dirty affair (logic(il)logic Records/Andromeda Dischi)
Kurt: Vol 1 (Earth Mother Music)
VV.AA.:Baden Metal Compilation vol. 3 – The griffin has landed (Baden Metal)
Simple Minds: New gold dream (81-82-83-83) (from: New gold dream/Virgin Records Ltd.)
Fata: La politique (from: Nichilismo artificiale tascabile/Zfactory/Master Music)
Der Himmel Uber Berlin: Falling down (from: Shadowdancers/Music Obscure)
Moth’s Tales: Subway airflow (from: Burying Ophelia/Moth’s Tales)
Other Voices: Hate me again/I seek away (from: A way back/RBL Music)
Hiroshima Mon Amour: Disco/Asia (from: Australasia/Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
Into The Mist: The day they die (from. Graveyard of stars/Mislealia Records)
Ekra: Love through umbilical cord (from: A shelter for stolen teddybears/A Looney-Tick Productions)
Lily’s Puff: Heartbroken (from. Tùtùm/Lily’s Puff)
Sinezamia: Ombre *live*/Warsaw (from: Decadanza/Sinezamia)
Crystal Crow: The raven (from: Once upon a midnight dreary/Self-released)
Kurt: What’s the deal? (from: Vol 1/Earth Mother Music)
Kezia: Quendo (from. The dirty affair/logic(il)logic Records/Andromeda Dischi)
Blindfall: Ending (from: Baden metal compilation vol. 3 – The griffin has landed/Baden Metal)
Shaft Of Steel: Spinning vortex of love (from: Shaft of steel EP/Shaft Of Steel)
Pride Of Lions: It’s criminal *live* (from: Live in Belgium/Frontiers Records)



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