Playlist sabato 11 maggio 2015 – 711

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Cyrax: Pictures (Bakerteam Records)
Dark Sarah: Behind the black veil (Inner Wound Recordings)
Exit Strategy: Exit strategy (Crysella Records)
Fading Rain: Winter ballads (Mislealia Records)
Frankenstein Rooster: The nerdvrotic sounds’ escape (Scarlet Records)
Issa: Crossfire (Frontiers Records)
Mastercastle: Enfer (de la Bibliotheque Nationale) (Scarlet Records)
Nightglow: Orpheus (Bakerteam Records)
Prong: Songs from the black hole (Steamhammer/SPV)
Smash Into Pieces: The apocalypse DJ (Gain Music)
Nightwish: Shudder before the beautiful (from: Endless forms most beautiful/Nuclear Blast)
The Lords Of The New Church: Open yor eyes (from: Killer Lords/IRS Records)
The 69 Eyes: Juicy Lucy (from: Motor City resurrection/Cleopatra Records)
Hanoi Rocks: Back to Mistery City *live* (from: All those wasted years – Live at the Marquee/Geffen Records)
Into The Mist: Where the time ends (from: Graveyard of stars/Mislealia Records)
Fading Rain: Unable (from: Winter ballads/Mislealia Records)
Vitrea: Walls of glass (from: Songs of glass/Self-released)
Exit Strategy: Judas briefing for a descent into hell (from: Exit startegy/Crysella Records)
Sorry, Heels: Carving a smile (from: The accuracy of silence/Gothic Music Records)
Prong: Kids of the black hole (from: Songs from the black hole/Steamhammer/SPV)
Witche’s Brew: What d’you know from me (from: Supersonicspeedfreaks/Black Widow)
Frankenstein Rooster: Flying in a Yoda’s dream (from: The nerdvrotic sounds’ escape/Scarlet Records)
Smash Into Pieces: Checkmate (from: The apocalypse DJ/Gain Music)
Cyrax: Shine through darkness part I (from: Pictures/Bakerteam Records)
Nightglow: Scream (from: Orpheus/Bakerteam Records)
Mastercastle: Pirates (from: Enfer (de la Bibliotheque Nationale)/Scarlet Records)
Nightwish: Shudder before the beautiful (from: Endless forms most beautiful/Nuclear Blast)
Dark Sarah: Hunting the dream (from: Behind the black veil/Inner Wound Recordings)
Issa: Ghost inside my heart (from: Crossfire/Frontiers Records)
Millenium: Beyond the pain (from: The best of… and more/Frontiers Records)
Pendragon: As good as gold (from: The masquerade overture/Toff Records)



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