Playlist sabato 7 febbraio – 705

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Harem Scarem: Thirteen (Frontiers Records)
Hide The Knives: Silence the youth (Gain Music)
La Menade: Disumanamente (Valery Records)
Mors Principium Est: Dawn of the 5th Era (AFM Records)
Mysticum: Planet Satan (Peaceville Records)
The Rip: The rip (Swiss Dark Nights)
Sleeper Effect: The hero clone (Self-released)
Snew: Thunderdog (Self-released)

Saviour Machine: Ludicrous smiles (from: Saviour Machine/Massacre Records/MCM)
Meridian: This masquerade (from: Sundown empire/Music For Nations)
Funeral: The elusive light (from: As the light does the shadow/Indie Recordings)
The Rip: In times of need (from: The rip/Swiss Dark Nights)
Mors Principium Est: We are the sleep (from: Dawn of the 5th era/AFM Records)
Mysticum: Far (from: Planet Satan/Peaceville Records)
Secret Sight: Conquest (from: Day. Night. Life/Red Cat Records)
La Menade: La differenza (from: Disumanamente/Valery Records)
White Empress: Dethroned (from: Rise of the empress/Peaceville Records)
Siren: Mission (from: The row/Red Cat Records)
Lordi: Hell sent in the clowns (from: Scare Force One/AFM Records)
Hide The Knives: Holy banner (from: Silence the youth/Gain Music)
Bailey: Stay (from: Long way down/Frontiers Records)
Harem Scarem: The midnight hours (from: Thirteen/Frontiers Records)
Crazy Lixx: Heel raising women (from: Crazy Lixx/Frontiers Records)
Loverboy: Fire me up (from: Unfinished business/Loverboy Music/Cargo)
Vega: Stereo Messiah (from: Stereo Messiah/Frontiers Records)
Temple Of Deimos: Work to be done (from: Work to be done/Go Down Records)
Snew: Thunderdog (from: Thunderdog/Self-released)
Underdogs: The guilt (from: Underdogs/Go Down Records)
Demetra Sine Die: Silent sun (from: A quiet land of fear/BloodRock Records/Black Widow Records)
Sleeper Effect: Hero clone (from: The hero clone/Self-released)
Tool: Right in two (from: 10.000 days/Tool/Volcano/Sony BMG)



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