Playlist sabato, 15 marzo 2014 – 673

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The latest news Lenore S. Fingers: Inner tales (My Kingdom Music) Primal Fear: Delivering the black/Frontiers Records) Supercharger: Broken hearts and fall aparts/Gain Music) The Beautiful Dead: To lunar canyons (Sonorium/Promofabrik) The Clamps: Deadly kick for a fat fucker (Go Down Records) The Freaks: Too dirty to reflect/Self-released) Highlights Robin Beck: Wrecking ball (from: Underneath/Her […]

Playlist sabato, 8 marzo 2014 – 672

The latest news Crimson Chrysalis: Crimson passion cry (Ravenheart Music) Dome La Muerte And The Diggers: Supersadobabi (Go Down Records) Kamchatka: The search goes on (Despotz Records) KLOGR: Black snow (Zeta Factory) Lover Under Cover: Into the night (Escape Music) Luceed: Voodoo pop (Self-released/Promofabrik) Truckfighters: Universe (Fuzzorama Records) Singles Coldair: Safe & sound (Twelves records/Rouge […]

Crucified Barbara: contratto con Despotz Records

CRUCIFIED BARBARA mixes thrash, sleaze and hard rock, and besided having played support act for, among others, In Flames, Sepultura, Motorhead, Backyard Babies, Doro, they also manage really well on their own and have been touring extensively in Europe. They have also visited Russia, Australia, and both South and North America.

The band formed in 1998 in Stockholm with punk as a first inspiration and part of their music, and it can still be found as a presence in every step they take today, though they have evolved towards a harder, heavier and more contrast-filled rock sound.Their last album was “The Midnight Chase” which was released in 2012. They are currently in the studio completing their fourth album scheduled to be released in August 2014.

“We have more energy and take a much clearer position than ever before, and the result has been so far our absolute best , hardest and most important album. We are super excited to have signed with Despotz , the album of the year deserves a fantastic record label” – CRUCIFIED BARBARAImage

Bloody Mary: esce “Anno zero”

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Valery Records è orgogliosa di annunciare la pubblicazione dell’attesissimo terzo album “Anno Zero” dei Bloody Mary A distanza di cinque anni dall’uscita di “Party Music for Graveyards” la gothic metal band milanese pubblica il terzo full lenght. “Anno Zero” rappresenta il terzo atto della tetralogia dei Bloody Mary che fa seguito a Blood’n’Roll (2005) e […]

March, 1st 2014 – Double voice special edition with Francis/I

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The latest news IbridoXN: Stupidi umani (Black Fading Records) Into The Mist: Into the mist (Self-released) Playlist The Lords Of The New Church: Live for today (from: Killer Lords/IRS Records) 45 Grave: Partytima (from: Sleep in safety/Restless Records) Into The Mist: Will you shine in my darkness (from: Into the mist/Self-released) Red Sun Revival: Running […]