Playlist sabato, 14 dicembre 2013 – 663

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Coney Hatch: Four (Frontiers Records)
Heaven Shine: Black aurora (Fuel Records)
Impera: Pieces of Eden (Escape Music)
Little River Band: Cuts like a diamond (Frontiers Records)
Norhod: The blazing lily (WormHoleDeath Records)
Sammy Hagar & Friends: Sammy Hagar & friends (Frontiers Records)
Seventh Key: I will survive (Frontiers Records)
Signum Regis: Exodus (Ulterium Records)
Siren’s Cry: Scattered horizons (Nightmare/Sony/RED)
Stryper: No more hell to pay (Frontiers Records)
The Blue Project: Adrift (Eibon Records)
The Eden House: Half life (Jungle Records)
Sinezamia: Senza fiato (Sinezamia/Atomic Stuff)
King Crimson: Epitaph (from: In the court of the crimson King/(Discipline Global Mobile)
Mourn: After all (from: Mourn/Rise Above Records)
Avatarium: Boneflower (from: Avatarium/Nuclear Blast)
The Eden House: Wasted on me (from: Half life/Jungle Records)
Sinezamia: Senza fiato (from: Senza fiato/Sinezamia/Atomic Stuff)
Siren’s Cry: Oratory & sins (from: Scattered horizons/Nightmare/Sony/RED)
Heaven Shine: Black aurora (from: Black aurora/Fuel Records)
Stryper: Legacy (from: No more hell to pay/Frontiers Records)
Coney Hatch: Dom it again (from: Four/Frontiers Records)
Myland: Feel the fire (from: Tales from the inner planet/Self-released)
Harem Scarem: Saviors never cry (from: Mood swings II/Frontiers Records)
Sammy Hagar & Friends: Dad on Fords and Chevorolets (from: Sammy Hagar & friends/Frontiers Records)
Seventh Key: I will survive (from: I will survive/Frontiers Records)
Dare: Belief (from: Belief/Legend Records)
Little River Band: Where do I run (from: Cuts like a diamond/Frontiers Records)
Impera: Goodbye (from: Pieces of Eden/Escape Music)
Charming Grace: Everytime you touch my heart (from: Charming grace/Avemue Of Allies)
Hartmann: Alive again (from: The besyt is yet to come/Avenue Of Allies)
The Blue Project: Day by day (from: Adrift/Eibon Records)
Signum Regis: The ten plagues (from: Exodus/Ulterium Records)
Norhod: Creatures (from: The blazing lily/WormHoleDeath Records)
Mr. Bison: Grocery store (from: We’ll be brief (Go Down Records)



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