Playlist sabato 31 agosto 2013 – 654

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Adept: Silence the world (Panic & Action/Soulfood)
Electric Light Orchestra: Live (Frontiers Records)
Electric Light Orchestra: Zoom (Frontiers Records)
Gothminister: Utopia (AFM Records)
Ingranaggi Della Valle: In hoc signo (Black Widow)
The Mission: The brightest light (Oblivion/SPV)
VV.AA.: Flight of the griffin – Baden Metal Compilation Vol. 2/Baden Metal)

The Sisters Of Mercy: Driven like the snow (from: Floodland/Warner Music/Rhino)
The Lords Of The New Church: M-Style (from: Killer Lords/IRS Records)
The Doormen: Bright blue star (from: Black clouds/The Doormen)
Merciful Nuns: Enlightenment (from: Genesis revealed EP/Solar Lodge)
The Mission: Every thing but the squeal (from: The brightest light/Oblivion/SPV)
Stigmata: To the damned (from: Deadline album/Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
SilentLie: While I hurt myself (from: Blood under snow/Atomic Stuff Promotion)
Gothminister: Utopia (from: Utopia/AFM Records)
Cyril: Gone through years (from: Gone through years/Progressive Promotion R.)
Electric Light Orchestra: Just for love (from: Zoom/Frontiers Records)
Electric Light Orchestra: Mr. Blue Sky *live* (from: Live/Frontiers Records)
Burning Rain: Stone cold n’ crazy (from: Pleasure to burn/Frontiers Records)
Laneslide: Dancing girls (from: Flying high/Avenue Of Allies)
Lamera: Onus (from: Flight of the griffin/Baden Metal)
Ingranaggi Della Valle: Cavalcata (from: In hoc signo (Black Widow)
Adept: The ocean grave (from: Silence the worl/Panic & Action/Soulfood)
The Mission: Swan song (from: The brightest light/Oblivion/SPV)
Douge: Psychedelic symbiosis (from: D/Go Down Records)



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