Playlist 13 luglio 2013 – 649

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Burning Rain: Epic obsession (Frontiers Records)
Carved: Dies irae (Bakerteam Records)
Dark New Day: Hail Mary (Pavement Entertainment)
Giuntini Project: IV (Escape Music)
Karnya: Coverin’ thoughts (Bakerteam Records)
Lordi: To beast or not to beast (AFM Records)
Masterplan: Novum initium (AFM Music)
My Tin Apple: The crow’s lullaby (Fuel Records)
Red Rose: Chasing freedom (On the cusp of change (Scarlet Records)
Snowfall: Cold silence (Escape Music)
Three Eyes Left: La danse macabre (Go Down Records)
New species – Volume VI (Classic Rock Society)
Twelfth Night: Live and let live – The definitive edition (F2 Music Ltd)
Still Corners: Fireflies (Strange pleasures/Sub Pop Records)

Fields Of The Nephilim: Love under will (from: Revelations/Beggars Banquet)
A Pale Horse Named Death: In the sleeping death (from: Lay my soul to waste/SPV/Steamhammer)
Underfloor: Sul fondo (from: Quattro/Suburban Sky Records)
Partly Faithful: Stop (from: Lazarus undead/Danse Macabre)
My Tin Apple: Pixel (from: The crow’s lullaby/Fuel Records)
Sorry, Heels: Sweet upon my sorrow (from: Wasted/Self-released)
Lordi: Horrorfiction (from: To beast or not to beast/AFM Records)
Dark New day: Vicious thinking (from: Hail Mary/Pavement Entertainment)
Giuntini Project: Shadow of the stone (from: IV/Escape Music)
Snowfall: Wolf’s lair (from: Cold silence/Escape Music)
Karnya: Stronger (from: Coverin’ thoughts/Bakerteam Records)
Red Rose: Chasing freedom (from: On the cusp of change/Scarlet Records)
Carved: The perfect storm (from: Dies Irae/Bakerteam Records)
Masterplan: Pray on my soul (from: Novum initium/AFM Records)
Burning Rain: The cure (from: Epic obsession/Frontiers Records)
Jorn: Legend man (from: Traveller/Frontiers Records)
Still Corners: Fireflies (from: Strange pleasures/Sub Pop Records)
The Stompcrash: Circles of mud (from: “Directions”/WormHoleDeath Records)
The Reasoning: Hyperdrive (from: New species – Volume VI (Classic Rock Soc.)
Twelfth Night: Art and illusion *live* (from: Live and let live/F2 Music Ltd)
Three Eyes Left: Lord of underworld (from: La danse macabre/Go Down Records)
Vibravoid: Magic mirror (from: Delirio dei sensi/Go Down Records)



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