Playlis sabato 13 maggio 2013 – 643

May, 18th 1980 – May, 18th 2013: in memory of Ian Curtis
Joy Division: New dawn fades/Digital (from: The best of Joy Division/London Records)

Excerpts from: Joy Division. Broken heart romance (Marco Di Marco/Arcana Edizioni)
The latest news
Ars Macabra: III (Odium Records)
Cyril: Gone through years (Progressive Promotion Records)
Disbeliever: The dark days (Dreamcell11)
Empyrios: Zion (Scarlet Records)
Galahad: Beyond the realms of euphoria (Galahad/Avalon Records)
IQ: Tales from the lush attic – 2013 remix (GEP)
Kruna: Last century (Bakerteam Records)
The Doormen: Black clouds (The Doormen/Promorama)
Ulysses: Kill you again (Black Glove Recordings)
Requiem In White: Centuries (from: Towards the sky/Neue Aesthetik Multimedia)
The Doormen: My wrong world (from: Black clouds/The Doormen/Promorama)
Christian Death: Beneath his widow (from: Catastrophe ballet/Season Of Mist)
Disbeliever: Into eternity (from: The dark days/Dreamcell11)
Christian Death: This glass house (from: Catastrophe ballet/Season Of Mist)
Wasteland: A dream within a dream (from: The remnants of a dying age/Self-released)
Rubicon: Inside your head (from: What starts, ends/Beggars Banquet)
Belladonna: Primal dream (from: Shooting dice with God/Visionoir)
Ars Macabra: Thanathos projection (from: III/Odium Records)
La Jeunesse Dorée: La jeunesse dorée (from: Saremo santi, un giorno/Red Cat R.)
Empyrios: Reverie (from: Zion/Scarlet Records)
Kruna: Death without war (from: Last century/Bakerteam Records)
Cyril: Through time and space (from: Gone through years/Progressive Promotion)
IQ: Dans le parc du chateau noir (from: Tales from the lush attic–2013 remix/GEP)
Threshold: Ashes (from: March of progress/Nuclear Blast)
Galahad: Secret kingdoms (from: Beyond the realms of euphoria/Galahad/Avalon)
Ulysses: Lesson one (from: Kill you again (from: Black Glove Records)
Faz Waltz: The fool (from: Back on mondo/Piovra Records)



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