Playlist sabato 30 marzo 2013 – 638

The latest news
Azure Agony: India (SG Records)
Bleeding Eyes: A trip to the closest universe (Go Down Records)
Bohemien: Bohemien (RBL Music)
DGM: Momentum (Scarlet Records)
Flower Flesh: Duck in the box (Black Widow Distribution)
Funeral Marmoori: Volume1 (BloodRock Records)
Giacomo Castellano: Cutting bridges V2.0 remastered (Red Cat Records)
John Galt: Served hot (Street Symphonies Records)
Karma To Burn: Live at Sidro Club (Go Down Records)
Legless: Till that morning (Front Of House Records)
MF/MB/: Colossus (Adrian Recordings)
T: Psychoanorexia (Progressive Promotion Records)
WET: Rise up (Frontiers Records)
The Cult: Nirvana (from: Love/Beggars Banquet)
Ordeal By Fire: Flight full of hate (from: All is lost/Innermost Phobia)
Bohemien: Natura morta (from: Bohemien/RBL Music)
Funeral Marmoori: Garden of doom (from: Volume 1/BloodRock Records)
Canaan: Lascivia (from: Contro.Luce/Eibon Records)
My Dying Bride: The poorest waltz (from: A map of all our failures/Peaceville R.)
Der Noir: Private ceremony (from: A dead summer/RBL Music)
El Thule: Deimos (from: Zenit/Go Down Records)
Bleeding Eyes: Cruel world (from: A trip to the closest universe/Go Down Rec.)
Faith & Disease: Mayim-Water is flowing (from: Beneath the trees/Projekt)
Verdiana Raw: Dining alone (from: Metaxy/Ark Records)
Dalis Car: Soundcloud (from: Ingladaloneness/Mick Karn/Peter Murphy)
Vanity: Pagan hearts (from: Occult you/Church Independent)
Lacrimosa: If the world stood still a day (from: Revolution/Hall Of Sermon)
MF/MB/: Art & soul (from: Colossus/Adrian Recordings)
Magazine: I’m a party (from: The correct use of soap/Virgin Records)
T: The irrevelant lovesong (from: Psychoanorexia/Progressive Promotion R.)
DGM: Pages (from: Momentum/Scarlet Records)
Azure Agony: Private fears (from: India/SG Records)
Giacomo Castellano: Big as a key (from: Cutting bridges V2.0 remastered/Red Cat Records)
Flower Flesh: God is evil (like the devil) (from: Duck in the box/Black Widow)
Sushi Rain: Don’t waste more tears (from: Breathless/Madamadorè)
Candy: Whatever happened to fun (from: Whatever happened to fun/Rock Candy)
Lionville: Next to me (from: II/Avenue Of Allies)
Issa: Just a wish (from: Can’t stop/Frontiers Records)
WET: What you want (from: Rise up/Frontiers Records)
John Galt: Undeniable (from: Served hot/Street Symphonies Records)
Legless: Just a frame (from: Till that morning/Front Of House)
Karma To Burn: One *excerpt* / *live* (from: Live at Sidro Club/Go Down Rec.)



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