Playlist sabato 13 aprile 2013 – 639

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Celeb Car Crash: Ambush! (Antstreet Records/Red Cat Promotion)
Charming Grace: Charming grace (Avenue Of Allies)
Diamond Dawn: Overdrive (Frontiers Records)
Fake Heroes: Divide and rule (Antstreet Records/Red Cat Promotion)
Godyva: Alien heart (Southern Brigade Records)
Great White: 30 years – Live from the Sunset Strip (Frontiers Records)
Odd Dimension: The last embrace to humanity (Scarlet Records)
The Black Angels: Don’t play with guns (from: Indigo meadow/Blue Horizont)
IQ: Subterranea (from: Subterranea/GEP)
Arena: The great escape (from: The seventh degree of separation/Verglas)
Dark Quarterer: Gate of hell (from: Dark Quarterer-XXV Anniversary/My Graveyard Promotions)
Karma In Auge: Consumismo mon amour (from: Rituali ad uso e consumo/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Suede: It starts and ends with you (from: It starts an ends with you/Warner/ADA)
Stardom: Vetroplastica (2.0) (from: Danze illiberali/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
In Viro: Geiles stueck (from: Gehorche! Fuehle! Glaube!/Echozone)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Infection (from: Millions of burning flames/Antstreet Records)
Fake Heroes: Stealing/Wise man (from: Divide and rule/Antstreet Records)
The Black Angels: Don’t play with guns (from: Indigo meadow/Blue Horizont)
Celeb Car Crash: Blinded by the light (from: Ambush!/Antstreet Records)
Charming Grace: The way you feel inside/Shining light (from: Charming grace/Avenue Of Allies)
Wheels Of Fire: Respect/Come back home (from: Up for anything/Avenue Of Allies)
Sapphire Eyes: I want to see me (from: Sapphire eyes/Avenue Of Allies)
Odd Dimension: Fortune and pain (from: The last embrace to humanity/Scarlet Records)
Godyva: I stay here (from: Alien heart/Southern Brigade Records)
Diamond Dawn: Indestructible (from: Overdrive/Frontiers Records)
Great White: The big goodbye (live) (from: 30 years-Live from the Sunset Strip/Frontiers Records)
Danger Zone: Falling up (from: Undying/Avenue Of Allies)
The Electric Stars: I want you (from: Sonic candy soul/Detour Records)



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