Playlist sabato 23 febbraio 2013 – 635

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Crashdiet: The savage playground (Frontiers Records)
Dyonisis: The intoxicated E.P. (Singed Records)
Lord Shani: Progress your soul (Go Down Records)
Piatcions: Heaven’s sins (Fuzz Records)
Rage Of Angels: Dreamworld (Escape Music)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Millions of burning flames (Antstreet Records)
Soleil Moon: On the way to everything (Frontiers Records)
Stardom: Danze illiberali (Danze Moderne/Fonoarte)
The Black: Refugium peccatorum *reissue* (Black Widow Records)
The Fire: Supernova (Valery Records)
The Last Killers: Wolf inside! (Go Down Records)
The Prophecy: Salvation (code666/Aural Music)
Enforcer: Mesmerized by fire (from: Death by fire/Nuclear Blast)
Moritz: Gonna lose her (single edit) (from: SOS/Harmony Factory)

Penance: The unseen (from: The road less travelled/Rise Above)
The Black: Hallow’s victim/Obscura nocte (from: Refugium peccatorum/Black Widow Records)
The Prophecy: Released (from: Salvation/code666/Aural Music)
Piatcions: Heaven’s sins (from: Heaven’s sins/Fuzz Records)
Dyonisis: Of the fear (from: The intoxicated E.P./Singed Records)
Death SS: Der Golem (from: The seventh seal/Lucifer Rising)
Stardom: Basso consumo (from: Danze illiberali/Danze Moderne)
Cineteca Meccanica: 16 gennaio (from: Deviazioni/Danze Moderne)
Echoes Of Silence: The fall (from: In vacuum itinere/Self-released)
Descendants Of Cain: Rush (from: Songs from a vanishing world/Echozone)
Diego: Lucy (from: Gold./Unter Schafen Records)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Unfaithful confessions (from: Millions of burning flames/Antstreet Records)
The Fire: Supernova (from: Supernova/Valery Records)
The Last Killers: Chelsea (from: Wolf inside!/Go Down Records)
Lord Shani: Told you so (from: Progress your soul/Go Down Records)
Rage Of Angels: Falling (from: Dreamworld/Escape Music)
Enforcer: Mesmerized by fire (from: Death by fire/Nuclear Blast)
Moritz: Gonna lose her (from: SOS/Harmony Factory)
Crashdiet: Sin City (from: The savage playgroud/Frontiers Records)
Soleil Moon: Down (from: On the way to everything/Frontiers Records)
Free Fall: Power and volume (from: Power and volume/Nuclear Blast)



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