Playlist sabato 19 gennaio 2013 – 632

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Antonius Rex: Hystero demonopathy (Black Widow Records)
Der Noir: A dead summer (RBL Music)
Dogs’N Bones: In your face (My Graveyard Productions)
Easy Trigger: Bullshit (Street Symphonies Records)
Eversin: Tears on the face of God (My Kingdom Music)
Ergo: If not inertia (Cuneiform Records)
Golden Resurrection: One voice for the kingdom (Liljegren Records)
Impera: Legacy of life (Escape Music)
Karma In Auge: Rituali ad uso e consumo (Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Obagevi: Nel momento in cui parlo del fuoco (Front Of House Records)
Orden Ogan: To the end (AFM Records)
Shakra: Powerplay (AFM Records)
Superhorrorfuck: Gore-geous dead (logic(il)logic Records)
Veracrash: My brother the Godhead (Go Down Records)
VV.AA.: Hofmann’s kaleidoscope – Expiation of the psychedelic hunters vol. I (Vincebus Eruptum/Perkele/Exlab)
Heaven’s Basement: Nothing left to lose (from:Filthy empire/Red Bull Records/EMI)
Timecut: Blank (from: Things can turn ugly (Valery Records)

Bluvertigo: Cieli neri (from: Metallo non metallo/Mescal/Sony Music)
Stardom: Via da qui, via da te (from: Soviet della moda/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Cadabra: Sleeping (from: Past to present/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Karma In Auge: Guerre fredde (from: Rituali ad uso e consumo/Fonoarte/Danze Moderne)
Der Noir: Cosa vedo (from: A dead summer/RBL Music)
Obagevi: Sangue (from: Nel momento in cui parlo del fuoco/Front Of House)
Antonius Rex: Demonic hysteria (from: Hystero Demonopathy/Black Widow R.)
Sancta Sanctorum: Desperate ways (from: Sancta Sanctorum/Black Widow Rec.)
Veracrash: Obey the void (from: My brother the Godhead/Go Down Records)
Anuseye: Thirst for a fix (from: Hoffmann’s kaleidoscope/Vincebus Eruptum/Perkele/Exlab)
Ergo: Two for joy (from: If not inertia/Cuneiform Records)
Impera: Tell me (from: Legacy of life/Escape Music)
Golden Resurrection: Gods mercy (from: One voice for the kingdom/Liljegren R.)
Orden Ogan: Mystic symphony (from: To the end/AFM Records)
Heaven’s Basement: Nothing left to lose (from: Filthy empire/Red Bull Rec./EMI)
Dogs’n Bones: Sometimes (from: In your face/My Graveyard Productions)
Eversin: Death inc. (form: Tears of the face of God/My Kingdom Music)
Shakra: Save you from yourself (from: Powerplay/AFM Records)
Easy Trigger: Apologise (from: Bullshit/Street Symphonies Records)
Superhorrorfuck: Down at the graveyard (from: Gore-geous dead/logic(il)logic R.)
Timecut: Blank (from: Things can turn ugly/Valery Records)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Polite conversation (from: Blank slate/Sixty Miles Music)



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