Playlist sabato 3 novembre 2012 – 625

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Addiction For Destruction: Neon light resurrection (R.W.A. Music Company/Atomic Stuff)
Cloudscape: New Era (Nightmare Records)
Danger Zone: Undying (Avenue Of Allies)
Holy Knights: Between daylight and pain (Scarlet Records)
Manta Rays: Manta rays (Go Down Records)
Midnite Sun: Anyone like us? (logic(il)logic/Atomic Stuff)
Nubian Rose: Mountain (Funklord Dinasty)
Pride Of Lions: Immortal (Frontiers Records)
Secret Sphere: Portrait of a dying heart (Scarlet Records)
Seven Kingdoms: The fire is mine (Nightmare Records)
Television 60’s: Celebr-hate (Street Symphonies Records)
Candy: Whatever happened to fun… (Rock Candy)
Harlequin: Love crimes (Rock Candy)
Graveyard: Endless night (from: Lights out/Nuclear Blast)
Classix Metal #16 (Arcana Editrice)

The Cult: Rise (from: Beyond good and evil/Lava/Atlantic Records)
Midnite Sun: Inferno (from: Anyone like us?/logic(il)logic/Atomic Stuff)
Manta Rays: It ain’t me (from: Manta rays/Go Down Records)
Television 60’s: Messaline (from: Celebr-hate/Street Symphonies Rec.)
Pride Of Lions: Coin of the realm (from: Immortal/Frontiers Records)
Addiction For Destruction: On my needle (from: Neon light resurrection/ R.W.A. Music Company/Atomic Stuff)
Nubian Rose: Living for tomorrow (from: Mountain/Funklord Dinasty)
Candy: Kids in the city (from: Whatever happened to fun…/Rock Candy)
Smokey Fingers: Old Jack (from: Columbus way/Tanzan Music)
Harlequin: Crime of passion (from: Love crimes/Rock Candy)
Danger Zone: Half a chance (from: Undying/Avenue Of Allies)
Dave Stewart: Magic in the blues (from: The blackbird diaries/Surfdog, Inc.)
Secret Sphere: Lie to me (from: Portrait of a dying heart/Scarlet Rec.)
Cloudscape: Your desire (from: New Era/Nightmare Records)
Seven Kingdoms: Symphony of stars (from: The fire is mine/Nightmare Records)
Docker’s Guild: Legion of aliens (from: The mystic technocracy-Season I: the age of ignorance/Lion Music)
Holy Knights: Beyond the mist (from: Between daylight and pain/Scarlet Records)
Sirenia: The path of decay (from: The 13th floor/Nuclear Blast)
Graveyard: Endless night (from: Lights out/Nuclear Blast)
Fear Factory: Virus of faith (from: The industrialist/AFM Records)
IWR: Nemesis (from: Cold asylum/Black Rain Records)



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