Playlist sabato 28 ottobre 2012 – 624

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Dokken: Broken bones (Frontiers Records)
Fatum Aeternum: This dream is dead (Self-released/Infinite Metal Pr.)
Hotel Diablo: The return to Psycho, California (Scarlet Records)
Lacrimosa: Revolution (Hall Of Sermon)
Magica: Center of the great unknown (AFM Records)
Pavla Mikulasova: Mirror (Decadance Records)
Truc: curT (Hetichetta Shilluti/Musiche Furlane Fuarte)
Pain: Dirty woman (from: Only you live twice/Nuclear Blast)

Killing Joke: Wintergardens (from: Laugh? I nearly bought one!/Virgin EG Records)
Black Sabbath: Glory ride (from: The eternal idol/Sanctuary/Universal)
Magica: Mark of Cain (from: Center of the great unknown/AFM Rec.)
Ordeal By Fire: Joined hands (from: All is lost/Innermost Phobia)
Artica: Indomita (from: Ombra e luce/Decadance Records)
Lacrimosa: Verloren (from: Revolution/Hall Of Sermon)
Fatum Aeternum: Sacrifice of love (from: This dream is dead/Self-released/Infinite Metal Promotion)
Blue Birds Refuse To Fly: Morning star/Xenomorph angel (from: Xenomorph angel/Decadance Records)
Pavla Mikulasova: Overdose (from: Mirror/Decadance Records)
Autunna Et Sa Rose: Intermezzo: fiammeggianti folate…/Sinfonia eterna e quieta… (from: Phalène d’onyx/Ark Records)
Candya: Children (from: Altalena di cera/Ark Records)
Lia Fail: New dimension (from: Cynical stones/Three Legged Cat Rec.)
Truc: M.F.S. (from: curT/Hetichetta Shilluti/Musiche Furlane Fuarte)
Attika 7: Serial killer (from: Blood of my enemies/Road Dogs LLC)
Overhead: Berlin (from: Of sun and moon/Progressive Promotion Rec.)
Symphony X: Wicked (from: The Odyssey/InsideOut Music)
Dokken: Burning tears (from: Broken bones/Frontiers Records)
Sebastian Bach: Lost in the light (from: Kicking & screaming/Frontiers)
Pain: Dirty woman (from: Only you live twice/Nuclear Blast)
Hotel Diablo: Trigger (from: The return to Psycho, California/Scarlet R.)
Royal Hunt: Silent scream (from: In the heart of the city-Best of 1992-1999/Scarlet Records)



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