Playlist sabato 8 settembre 2012 – 619

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Bad Memories: Forced to be a stranger (Perris Records)
Chasing Violets: Outside heaven (Perris Records)
Katatonia: Dead end kings (Peaceville Records)
Richard Marx: Inside my head (Frontiers Records)
T.H.U.M.B.: Prinordial echoes for modern bigfoots (Go Down Records)
Trixter: New audio machine (Frontiers Records)
Witchcraft: It’s not because of you (from: Legend/Nuclear Blast)

Fields Of The Nephilim: Moonchild (from: Revelations/Beggars Banquet)
Malombra: Venice Lido 1901 (from: The dissolution age/Black Widow Records)
Katatonia: The one you are looking for is not here (from: Dead end kings/Peaceville Records)
Lycia: Baltica (from: Cold/Projekt)
Katatonia: Buildings (from: Dead end kings/Peaceville Records)
Ashes Divide: Ritual (from: Keep telling myself it’s alright/Island/Def Jam)
Before The Dawn: Fallen world (from: Rise of the Phoenix/Nuclear Blast)
Will’O’Wisp: Choose my matrix (from: Kosmo/Nadir Music)
Steve Hogarth/Richard Barbieri: Naked (from: Not the weapon but the hand/Kscope/Snapper Music)
T.H.U.M.B.: Superlover (from: Primordial echoes for modern bigfoots/Go Down Records)
Witchcraft: It’s not because of you (from: Legend/Nuclear Blast)
Hungryheart: Boulevard of love (from: One ticket to Paradise/Tanzan Music)
Trixter: Get on it (from: New audio machine/Frontiers Records)
Mastedon: Revolution of mind (from: 3/Frontiers Records)
Bad Memories: Reach the high (from: Forced to be a stranger/Perris R.)
Richard Marx: Come running (from: Inside my head/Frontiers Records)
Gotthard: Right on (from: Firebirth/Nuclear Blast)
Chasing Violets: The price to pay (from: Outside heaven/Perris Records)
Departure: Soldier of fortune (from: Hitch a ride/Escape Music)
W.E.T.: Brothers in arms (from: Wet/Frontiers Records)



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