Playlist sabato 28 luglio 2012 – 615

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Artemista: Vivere immobile (Zeta Factory)
Asia: XXX (Frontiers Records)
Attika 7: Blood of my enemies (Road Dogs LLC)
Autunna et sa Rose: Phaléne d’onyx (Ark Records)
Candya: Altalena di cera (Ark Records)
Desdemona: Endorphins (Danse Macabre)
Die Vanity: Ordinary death of something beautiful ((Logic(Il)Logic)
Doro: Raise your fist in the air EP (Nuclear Blast)
Evenoire: Vitriol (Scarlet Records)
Indigo: Sfumature (Inconsapevole Records)
Royal Hunt: In the heart of the city (Best of 1992-1999) (Scarlet Rec.)
Threshold: Ashes (radio edit) *Single* (Nuclear Blast)
Wigelius: Reinventions (Frontiers Records)
Vincebus Eruptum #13 (magazine)
Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction: Tattoed beat Messiah (from: Tattoed beat Messiah/Rock Candy Records)
Paganini: It’s a long way to the top (from: Resurrection/Pazouzou Rec.)
Attika 7: Devil’s daughter (from: Blood of my enemies/Road Dogs LLC)
Nashville Pussy: Why why why *live* (from: From hell to Texas-Live and loud in Europe/Steamhammer/SPV)
Fuel From Hell: Electrified (from: Easier said than done/Atomic Stuff)
Die Vanity: Something wrong (from: Ordinary death of something beautiful/Logic(Il)Logic)
Solrize: Blue sky (from: Mano cornuta/Go Down Records)
The Fuzztones: Cheyenne rider (from: Raw heat/Go Down Records)
Synful Ira: Shining tracks (from: Between hope and fear/Logic(Il)Logic)
Desdemona: Jealous sky (from: Endorphins/Danse Macabre)
Doro: Raise your fist in the air (from: Raise your fist in the air EP/Nuclear Blast)
Indigo: Cosa sarà (from: Sfumature/Inconsapevole Records)
Candya: Trees (from: Altalena di cera/Ark Records)
Artemista: (Vorrei) La verità (from: Vivere immobile/Zeta Factory)
Evenoire: Girl by the lake (from: Vitriol/Scarlet Records)
Autunna Et Sa Rose: Intermezzo: Iridescente…/Fruscii di sognata libertà (from: Phaléne d’onyx/Ark Records)
Threshold: Ashes (radio edit) *Single* (from: Ashes/Nuclear Blast)
Royal Hunt: Clown in the mirror (from: In the heart of the city-Best of 1992-1999/Scarlet Records)
Asia: No religion (from: XXX/Frontiers Records)
Wigelius: My Cassandra (from: Reinventions/Frontiers Records)
Frozen Crimes: Smokers (from: Frozen crimes/X Records)


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