Playlist sabato 7 luglio 2012 – 614

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Fear Factory: Recharger * Radio single* (AFM Records)
Il Silenzio Del Mare: Il primo giorno ((Red Cat Records)
Inme: The pride (Graphite Records)
Mr. Big: Live from the living room (Frontiers Records)
Wild Roads: Riding on a flamin’  road (New Idols Records)
Opeth: A fair judgement (from: Deliverance/Music For Nations)
Paradise Lost: Embers fire *live* (from: The anatomy of melancholy/Century Media)
Riverside: I believe *live* (from: Voices in my head/InsideOut Music)
Sham Rain: Slowmotions (from: Someplace else/Firebox Records)
Lake Of Tears: Illwill (from: Illwill/AFM Records)
The Sun Of Weakness: Floating deserts (from: Trompe l’oeil/My Kingdom Music)
Fear Factory: Recharger (from: Recharger/AFM Records)
Darkwater: In the blink of an eye (from: Where stories end/Ulterium Records)
Astarte Syriaca: Nevermore (from: Darkened light/Alkemist Fanatix)
Inme: Alcyon genesis (from: The pride/Graphite Records)
Ordeal By Fire: Killing hate (from: All is lost/Innermost Phobia)
Invertigo: Waves (from: Veritas/Progressive Promotion Records)
Il Silenzio Del Mare: Il mondo sembra vero (from: Il primo giorno/Red Cat Rec.)
Bones & Comfort: Road pizza (from: Mothersheep/Go Down Records)
Wild Roads: Sick soul (from: Riding on a flamin’ road/New Idols Records)
The Sade: Live you again (from: Damned love/Go Down Records)
Mario Percudani: You can run (from: New day/Tanzan Music)
Fergie Frederiksen: Angel (Mirror to your soul) (from: Happiness is the road/Frontiers Records)
Mr. Big: Take cover *live* (from: Live from the living room/Frontiers Records)
Sinner: Atomic playboys (from: One bullet left/AFM Records)



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