Playlist sabato 30 giugno 2012 – 613

The latest news
And One: S.T.O.P. (Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Circus Maximus: Nine (Frontiers Records)
Crystal Viper: Crimen excepta (AFM Records)
Gotthard: Firebirth (Nuclear Blast)
Jorn: Bring heavy rock to the land (Frontiers Records)
Ordeal By Fire: All is lost (Innermost Phobia)
Seventh Veil: Nasty skin *MiniCD* (Atomic Stuff Promotion)
Synful Ira: Between hope and fear (Logic(Il)Logic)
Tongs: Sex in sacristy *Single* (Rogues Records)
Suede: The drowners (from “The best of”/Edel Italy srl)
Etoile Noire: Melt (from “The breath of Kali”/Equinoxe Records)
Vlad In Tears: Circus of the moon (from “Welcome to Vladyland”/Echozone)
Ordeal By Fire: I was wrong (from “All is lost”/Innermost Phobia)
Before The Dawn: Throne of ice (from “Rise of the Phoenix”/Nuclear Blast)
And One: You without a me (from “S.T.O.P.”/Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
End Of September: Isolated (from “End of semptember”/Ulterium Records)
Crystal Viper: The spell of death (from “Crimen excepta”/AFM Records)
Synful Ira: Hope (from “Between hope and fear”/Logic(Il)Logic)
Words Of Farewell: One second thought (from “Immersion”/AFM Records)
Absynth Aura: Life (from “Unbreakable”/Logic(Il)Logic)
Danger Zone: Line of fire (from “Line of fire”/Avenue Of Allies)
Circus Maximus: Used (from “Nine”/Frontiers Records)
Gotthard: Starlight (from “Firebirth”/Nuclear Blast)
Seventh Veil: Nasty skin (from “Nasty skin”/Atomic Stuff Promotion)
Jorn: The world I see (from “Bring heavy rock to the land”/Frontiers Records)
Tongs: Sex in sacristy (from “Sex in sacristy”/Rogue Records)
Maeder: You make me die (from “Maeder”/Locomotive Music)



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