Playlist sabato 16 giugno 2012 – 612

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Kill The Klown: The show could be your execution (Crash & Burn Rec.)
Moonspell: Alpha Noir/Omega White (Napalm Records)
Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles: Rusty miles (Tanzan Music)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Bye bye lullaby (AFM Records)
The Other: The devils you know (Steamhammer/SPV)
The Sisters Of Mercy: Valentine (from “Some girl wander by mistake”/Merciful Release/Warner)
Scream Silence: Unspoken (from “Aphelia”/Plainsong Records)
The Horatii: She bikini (from “Towards the sky”/Neue Aesthetik Multimedia)
Paolo Apollo Negri: Hot wax (from “Cobol”/Hammond Beat)
Jetlag: Don’t talk to me (from “On the air”/Sony Music)
The Blue Nile: From a late night train (from “Hats”/Linn Records)
Tin Machine: You belong in rock & roll (from “II”/Victory/Polygram)
One Without: Accusing eyes (from “Sweet relief”/WormholedeathDreamcell11)
Moonspell: Opera carne (from “Alpha noir/Omega white”/Napalm Rec.)
The Murder Of My Sweet: Idolize (from “Bye bye lullaby”/AFM Rec.)
Moonspell: Incantrix (from “Alpha noir/Omega white”/Napalm Rec.)
Repsel: Faires of dream (from “The double mask of human kind”/Nomadism Records)
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter: Die Boten (from “The greatest of the best”/Nuclear Blast)
Wrathchild: Trikk or treat (from “Stakkattaktwo”/Perris Records)
Ricky Ferranti & The Rusty Miles: Don’t stop (from “Rusty miles”/Tanzan Music)
Sonata Arctica: Flag in the ground *live* (from “Live in Finland”/Nuclear Blast)
Kill The Klown: Boozed (from “The show could be your execution”/Crash & Burn Records)
The Other: Hell is a place on earth (from “The devils you know”/Steamhammer/SPV)
Beggars & Thieves: Beautiful loser (from “We are the brokenhearted”/Frontiers Records)
Frozen Rain: Believe it or not (from “Ahead of time”/Avenue Of Allies)
Gary John Barden: Child of sorrow” (from “Eleventh hour”/Escape M.)
Canada: Angel of the city (from “ReCycled”/MySelf Music)


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