Playlist sabato 9 giugno 2012 – 611

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Great White: Elation (Frontiers Records)
The Horrible Porno Stuntmen: The horrible porno stuntmen
The Splatters: Fear of the park (Atomic Stuff Promotion)
Whispers In The Shadow: The rites of passage (Solar Lodge)
Goldfrapp: Felt mountain (from “Felt mountain”/Mute Records)
Then Jericho: Under your spell *live* (from “Alive & exposed”/Yeaah!)
China Crisis: Good again (from “Wishful thinking”/Snapper Music)
Goldfrapp: Ooh la la (from “Supernature”/Mute Records)
Belladonna: Violet the light (from “And there was light”/Belladona Rec.)
Lullacry: Thousand suns (from “Where angels fear”/Scarlet Records)
Lyriel: The road not taken (from “Leverage”/AFM Records)
Trillium: Scream it (from “Alloy”/Frontiers Records)
Cadaveria: The night’s theatre (from “Horror metal”/Bakerteam Records)
Dynabite: The mummy (from “2KX”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Grand Magus: Silver moon (from “The hunt”/Nuclear Blast)
Rhapsody: Dark fate of Atlantis (from “Ascending to infinity”/Nuclear Blast)
Battle Beast: Enter the metal world (from “Steel”/Nuclear Blast)
Great White: Heart of a man (from “Elation”/Frontiers Records)
Work Of Art: The great fall (from “In progress”/Frontiers Records)
Gelgoleth: Smokestack silence (from “Of passion and remembrance”/i.D. Records)
Sad Dolls: Psychedelic love (from “Happy deathday”/Lunatic Asylum)
Whispers In The Shadow: Call to arms (from “The rites of passage”/Solar Lodge)
The Horrible Porno Stuntmen: Idiot rampage (from “The horrible porno stuntmen”/Go Down Records)
The Splatters: Sinner in heaven (from “Fear of the park”/Atomic Stuff)
Giuda: Tartan pants (from “Racey roller”/White Zoo)


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