Playlist Sabato 2 giugno 2012 – 610

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Bjorkenheim–Laswell–Agren: Blixt (Cuneiform Records)
Cadaveria: Horror metal (Bakerteram Records)
El Thule: Zenit (Go Down Records)
Frozen Crimes: Frozen crimes (X-Records)
Hardline: Danger Zone (Frontiers Records)
Phenomena: Awakening (Escape Music)
Ratzmataz: Globel revolution (Logic(Il)Logic)
Twelfth Night: Live at the Target *reissue* (Festival Music)
Valkiria: Here the day comes (Bakerteam Records)
Arcadia: Keep me in the dark (from “So red the rose”/EMI Records)
Interferenze: Fade to grey (from “Indelebile”/Self-released)
Sex Chair Provider: Out of my smile (from “Half season’s pleasures”/Self-released)
Other Voices: Sometimes (from “Beloved child EP”/My Passion Records)
Ravenscry: Nobody (from “One way out”/Deamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Cadaveria: The days of the after and behind (from “Horror metal”/Bakerteam Records)
Lacuna Coil: Upside down (from “Dark adrenaline”/Century Media)
Nomorespeech: Stronger (from “Nomorespeech”/Self-released)
Frozen Crimes: Damage plan (from “Frozen crimes”/X Records)
El Thule: Quasar (from “Zenit”/Go Down Records)
Valkiria: Sunrise (from “Here the day comes”/Bakerteam Records)
Ratzmataz: It’s alright (from “Global revolution”/Logic(Il)Logic)
Phenomena: Going away (from “Awakening”/Escape Music)
Hardline: Danger zone (from “Danger zone”/Frontiers Records)
Eden’s Curse: Time to breath (from “Time to breath”/AFM Records)
Twelfth Night: Keep the Aspidistra flying *live* (from “Live at the Target”/Festival Music)
Bjorkenheim-Lasweel-Agren: Cinque roulettes (from “Blixt”/Cuneiform)
Evergrey: The great deceiver” (from “A decade and a half-best of”/Steamhammer/SPV)



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