Playlist 12 maggio 2012 – 608

The latest news
Alice Tambourine Lover: Naked songs (Go Down Records)
Also Eden: Think of the children (Festival Music)
Atlantyca: To nowhere and beyond (Brennus Music)
Avenue X: Avenue X (Black Fading Records)
Before The Dawn: Rise of the Phoenix (Nuclear Blast)
Denight: Human reflections (Echozone)
Dirty Passion: Different tomorrow (Perris Records)
F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay: Celebraction 1990/2011 (Self-released)
Fuel From Hell: Easier said than done (Street Symphonies Records)
Golden Sextion: The silicon age (Logic(Il)Logic)
Grand Magus: The hunt (Nuclear Blast)
Lullacry: Where angels fear (Scarlet Records)
Phaith: Redrumorder (Drop Down)
Player: Addiction EP (Frontiers Records)
Killing Joke: Hosannas fron the basements of Hell (from “Hosannas from the basements of Hell”/Cooking Vinyl)
Die Krupps: Bloodsuckers (from “The final option remixed”/SPV/Synthetic Symphony)
Phaith: Rorschach (from “Redrumorder”/Drop Down/Red Cat Promotion)
Grand Magus: The hunt (from “The hunt”/Nuclear Blast)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Under my skin (from “Blank slate”/60MilesMusic/Red Cat Promotion)
Arena: Rapture (from “The seventh degree of separation”/Verglas Music)
Also Eden: Oversight (from “Think of the children”/Festival Music)
Atlantyca: Standard man (from “To nowhere and beyond”/Brennus Music)
Denight: The core (from “Human reflections”/Echozone)
Lullacry: Badblood (from “Where angels fear”/Scarlet Records)
Before The Dawn: Phoenix rising (from “Rise of the Phoenix”/Nuclear Blast)
Folkstone: Luna (from “Il confine”/Folkstone Records)
Avenue X: I want you (from “Avenue X”/Black Fading Records)
Golden Sextion: White wall (from “The silicon age”/Logic(Il)Logic)
OJM: Har(d)ucks (from “Acid sounds vol. 1″/VE Recordings)
Fuel From Hell: Poison whiskey (from “Easier said than done”/Street Symphonies Records)
Dirty Passion: Selling your soul (from “Different tomorrow”/Perris Records)
Alice Tambourine Men: Naked Lady (from “Naked songs”/Go Down Records)
Player: My addiction (from “Addiction EP”/Frontiers Records)
F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay: Machimprovisation (from “Celebraction 1990/2011″/Self-released)



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