Playlist 14 Aprile 2012 – 606

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Almah: Motion (AFM Records)
Arena: The seventh degree of separation (Verglas Music)
Bones & Comfort: Mothersheep (Go Down Records)
Cosmograf: When age has done in duty (Festival Music)
Hierosonic: The media taught you that *CDSingle* (Soundmine Musicworks)
Hydrogin: Private sessions (Rapid Fire Entertainment)
VV.AA: Correlation (Echozone)
Whispers In The Shadow: Amenta descending *Digi* (Self-released)
Will’O’Wisp: Kosmo (Nadir Music)
Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction: Prime mover (from “Tattoed beat Messiah”/Rock Candy)
Love And Rockets: Life in Laralay (from “Express”/Beggars Banquet)
Saints Of Ruin: Never go away (from “Correlation”/Echozone)
Echoes Of Silence: Nowhere (from “In vacuum itinere”/Self-released)
Le Vene Di Lucretia: Santa violenta (from “Le vene di Lucretia”/In The Night Time)
Cadabra: Morning star (from “Past to present”/Revenge Records)
Whispers in The Shadow: Amenta descending (featuring Artaud Seth) (from “Amenta descending”/Self-released)
Umbra Et Imago: Agnos (from “20”/Oblivion/SPV)
Will’O’Wisp: The throughness of thought (from “Kosmo”/Nadir Music)
Furyon: Stand like stones (from “Gravitas”/Frontiers Records)
Almah: Bullets on the altar (from “Motion”/AFM Records)
Rage: twenty-one (from “21”/Nuclear Blast)
Hierosonic: The media taught you that (clean version) (from “The media taught you that”/Soundmine Musicworks)
40 Ft. Ringo: Jerkoff (from “Inside your head EP”/Atenzia Records)
Bones & Comfort: No country for musicians (from “Mothersheep”/Go Down Records)
Hydrogin: Don’tcha walk away (from “Private sessions”/Rapid Fire Ent.)
Angel: Feelin’ right (from “Helluva band”/BGO Records/Universal)
Cosmograf: Bakelite switch (from “When age has done its duty”/Festival Music)
Arena: Bed of nails (from “The seventh degree of separation”/Verglas Music)
Marillion: Chelsea Monday (from “Script for a jester’s tear”/EMI Rec.)



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