Playlist 31 marzo 2012 – 604

The latest news
Classix Metal nr. 14 *magazine* (Funfactory Entertainment srl)
End Of September: End of September (Ulterium Records)
InVertigo: Veritas (Progressive Promotion Records)
L’Alba Di Morrigan: The essence remains (My Kingdom Music)
Merciful Nuns: Genesis revealed (Solar Lodge)
Priscilla Hernandez: The underliving (Yidneth)
The Sisters Of Mercy: When you don’t see me (from “Vision thing”/Merciful Release/Warner)
The Garden Of Delight: Empire of the sun (from “Scheoul”/Dion Fortune Records)
Whispers In The Shadow: From Aeon to Aeon (from “The eternal arcane”/Echozone)
Merciful Nuns: All days are black (from “Genesis revealed”/Solar Lodge)
All Gone Dead: Skritch’n’skrill (from “Fallen & forgotten”/Strobelight)
The Mescaline Babies: Skeleton kiss (from “Crush”/Danse Macabre)
London After Midnight: Nothing’s sacred (from “Violent acts of beauty”/Trisol/Soulfood)
Vedova Virgo: Vendetta (from “Ectras anemos”/Still Noir)
Niobeth: Eclipse (from “Silvery moonbeans”/Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11)
Nightwish: Ghost river (from “Imaginaerum”Nuclear Blast)
Lunatica: Words unleashed (from “The end of infinity”/Frontiers Records)
Priscilla Hernandez: In the mist (from “The underliving”/Yidneth)
Issa: The storm (from “The storm”/Frontiers Records)
Blue Dawn: The hell I am (from “Blue dawn”/Black Widow Records)
Majestic Downfall: On silent wings (from “The blood dance”/My Kingdom Music)
L’Alba Di Morrigan: Snowstorm (from “The essence remains”/My Kingdom M.)
End Of September: Waiting for the rain (from “End of september”/Ulterium Rec.)
RPWL: Not about us *live* (from “Start the fire”/InsideOut Music)
InVertigo: Lullaby (from “Veritas”/Progressive Promotion Records)
Jolly Power: Downtown (from “Like an empty bottle… again!”/Street Symphonies)



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