Playlist, 17 marzo 2012 – 603

The latest news
Continual Drift: Reality (Valery Records)
Interferenze: Trilogy: Green fragments (Self-released)
Olden: Olden (Nomadism Records)
The Mission: Stay with me (from “Gods own medicine”/Mercury Rec.)
The 69 Eyes: Christina death *live* (from “Hollywood kills”/EMI)
Christian Death: Narcissus metamorphosis of (from “American inquisition”/Season Of Mist)
Hanoi Rocks: Motorvatin’ *live* (from “All those wasted years”/Geffen)
Seven Dark Eyes: The window (from “All around me”/Crash & Burn)
Gifts In Secret: We had it all (from “Reaching”/Fossil Dungeon)
Inkubus Sukkubus: Sweet fallen angel (from “The goat”/Resurrection R.)
Olden: Non sarà mai troppo tardi (from “Olden”/Nomadism Records)
Continual Drift: When the sun meets teh blues (from “Reality”/Valery Records)
Seed’n’Feed: Sei importante (from “Una lunga notte”/Inconsapevole R.)
KLL: The key (from “Black covers white”/Lost Sound Records)
Strangeways: Playin’ it over (from “Age of reason”/Dangerous Dog R.)
Mecca: 10life (from “Undeniable”/Frontiers Records)
Firehouse: Reach for the sky (from “Hold your fire”/Epic/Sony)
Departure: Soldier of fortune (from “Hitch a ride”/Escape Music)
Winger: Big world away (from “Karma”/Frontiers Records)
Skagarak: Outrageous (from “Hungry for a game”/Polygram Records)
IQ: Tunnel vision (from “Subterranea”/GEP)
Interferenze: Hopes in november (from “Trilogy: Green fragments”/Self-released)
The Way Of Purity: Reverse the time (from “Biteback”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)



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