Playlist, 10 marzo 2012 – 602

The latest news
CJ Sleez: Play it loud – A collection of personale favorites (Lunatic Asylum Records)
Eden’s Curse: Time to breath *CDS* (AFM Records)
Folkstone: Il confine (Folkstone Records)
Michael Thompson Band: Future past (Frontiers Records)
Primal Fear: Unbreakable (Frontiers Records)
Sunstorm: Emotional fire (Frontiers Records)
The Mescaline Babies: Crush (Danse Macabre)
Words Of Farewell: Immersion (AFM Records)
Paradise Lost: Sweetness *Live* (from “The anatomy of melancholy”/Century Media)
Type O Negative: My girlfriend’s girlfriend (from “October rust”/Roadrunner Records)
The Mescaline Babies: Ashtray head (from “Crush”/Danse Macabre)
Sad Dolls: Killing sorrow (from “Happy deathday”/Lunatic Asylum R.)
Words Of Farewell: Urban panorama (from “Immersion”/AFM Records)
Symbiosi: Fabbrika (from “Un unico nucleo di dolore”/Self-released)
Sad Lovers And Giants: Happiness is fragile (from “Happiness is fragile”/Voight-Kampff Records)
Die Apokaliptischen Reiter: Die Boten (from “The greatest of the best”/Nuclear Blast Records)
Folkstone: Frammenti (from “Il confine”/Folkstone Records)
Axe: Burn city down (from “Twenty years from home 1977-1997-Best of”/MTM Music)
Robert Berry: Faith (from “The dividing line”/Frontiers Records)
Michael Thompson Band: End game (from “Future past”/Frontiers Rec.)
Hurricane: Over the edge (from “Over the edge”/Enigma Records)
Grand Illusion: I’m alive (from “Brand new world”/AOR Heaven)
Sunstorm: Wish you where here (from “Emotional fire”/Frontiers Rec.)
CJ Sleez: Back to nowhere (from “Play it loud”/Lunatic Asylum Rec.)
Primal Fear: Marching again (from “Unbreakable”/Frontiers Records)
3 Legged Dogg: Give and take away (from “Frozen summer”/Perris R.)
Eden’s Curse: Time to breath (from “Time to breath”/AFM Records)
Lionville: Thunder in our heart (from “Lionville”/Avenue Of Allies)



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