Playlist, 3 marzo 2012 – 601

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Aesthesia: Shattered idols (Perris Records)
Autumn’s Rain: Autumn’s rain (Go Down Records)
Beyond The Bridge: The old man & the spirit (Frontiers Records)
Disguise: Second coming (My Kingdom Music)
Frozen Rain: Ahead of time (Avenue Of Allies)
Marco Tansini: Blues garage (Tanzan Music)
Paolo Apollo Negri: Cobol (Hammond Beat)
Sad Lovers And Giants: Happiness is fragile *Single/Vynil* (Voight-Kampff Records)
Spiritus Mundi: American dystopia (Self-released)
Sushi Rain: Breathless (Madamadorè)
Yes: In the present-Live from Lyon (Frontiers Records)
Opeth: The leper affinity (from “Blackwater Park”/Music For Nations)
Disguise: The origin of the unknown (from “Second coming”/My Kingdom Music)
Dead Soul Tribe: The long ride home (from “The dead world”/InsideOut)
Sad Lovers And Giants: Happiness is fragile (from “Happiness is fragile”/Voight-Kampff Records)
Yes: Astral traveller *live* (from “In the present-Live from Lyon”/Frontiers Records)
Aesthesia: Hometown (from “Shattered idols”/Perris Records)
Sushi Rain: Happy for the night (from “Breathless”/Madamadorè)
Autumn’s Rain: Last pain (from “Autumn’s rain”/Go Down Records)
Marco Tansini: Cherry (from “Blues garage”/Tanzan Music)
Beyond The Bridge: Doorway to salvation (from “The old man & the spirit”/Frontiers Records)
Frozen Rain: Forever (from “Ahead of time”/Avenue Of Allies)
Paolo Apollo Negri: Into the sky (from “Cobol”/Hammond Beat)
NoMoreSpeech: Void (from “NoMoreSpeech”/Alterhead Productions)
Spiritus Mundi: Merchants of cool (from “American dystopia”/Self-released)
The Cult: Sweet soul sister (from “Sonic temple”/Beggars Banquet)
Wicked Minds: Burning tree (from “Witchflower”/Black Widow Rec.)



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