Playlist 28 gennaio 2012 – 598

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Brown Vs Brown: Odds and unevens (Cuneiform Records)
Double Elvis: Vampyre songs (Echozone)
Hellspray: Part of the solution (Perris Records)
Inkubus Sukkubus: The goat (Resurrection Records)
Seed’N’Feed: Una lunga notte (Inconsapevole Records)
So Much For Nothing: Livsgnist (My Kingdom Music)
Uriah Heep: Live in Armenia (Frontiers Records)
Welle:Erdball: Der kalte Krieg (Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
Placebo: Nancy boy (from “Placebo”/Virgin Records/EMI)
Cadabra: Blood and blades (from “Past to present”/Revenge/Fonoarte)
Diego: Connected (from “Gold.”/Unter Schafen Records)
Double Elvis: Vampire song (from “Vampyre songs”/Echozone)
Inkubus Sukkubus: Forever (from “The goat”/Resurrection Records)
Traumtaenzer: Monolith (from “Der weisse Raum”/Echozone)
Welle:Erdball: Eine neue Zeit (from “Der kalte Krieg”/Synthetic Symphony/SPV)
So Much For Nothing: My precious (from “Livsgnist”/My Kingdom Music)
Seed’N’Feed: Montagne fredde (from “Una lunga notte”/Inconsapevole Records)
Giuda: Number 10 (from “Racey roller”/White zoo)
Hellspray: Free fall (from “Part of the solution”/Perris Records)
Uriah Heep: Book of lies *live* (from “Live in Armenia”/Frontiers Rec.)
Asia: Never again *live* (from “Spirit of the night – Live in Cambridge 09”/Frontiers Records)
Everon: Venus/Missing the last train (from “Venus”/Mascot Music)
Pallas: Rise and fall (part 1) *live* (from “The blindig darkness”/InsideOut Music)
Brown Vs Brown: Alloy (from “Odds and unevens”/Cuneiform Records)
Graveyard: Lost in confusion (from “Graveyard”/Nuclear Blast)
Serpentine: Philadelphia (from “Living and dying in high definition”/AOR Heaven)
Homerun: Ephemeral light (from “Black world”/Tanzan Music/Fastball)



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