Playlist 7 Gennaio 2012 – 596

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Beggars & Thieves: We are the brokenhearted (Frontiers Records)
Echoes Of Silence: In vacuum itinere (Self-released)
Eskimada: Eskimada (P.R.A.V./Red Cat Promotion)
Evergrey: A Decade And A Half (best of) (Steamhammer/SPV)
Giuda: Racey roller (White Zoo)
Motley Crue: Greatest hits (Eleven Seven Music/EMI)
Mystigma: Andagony (Echozone)
Piatcions: Senseless sense (I Blame The Parents Records)
Raven Tide: Echoes of wonder (Lost Sound Records/Alkemist Fanatix)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Blank slate (60MilesMusic)
Story Of Jade: The damned next door (Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Tunes Of Dawn: Goodbye cruel world (Echozone)
Underdogs: Revolution (Go Down Records)
Your Tomorrow Alone: Ordinary lives (My Kingdom Music)
Classix! Nr. 32 *magazine* (Funfactory Entertainment)
Brian Eno: Needle in the camel’s eye (from “Velvet Goldmine OST”/London Records)
Roxy Music: Editions of you (from “For your pleasure”/EG Records/Virgin)
Japan: The tenant (from “Obscure alternatives”/Ariola Hansa/EMI)
Supergroupies: Say goodbye (from “La musique pornographique”/Self-released)
Faz Waltz: Get on down (from “Life on the moon”/Rocketman Records)
Giuda: Get it over (from “Racey roller”/White Zoo)
Vanity: Howling (from “The first quiet night EP”/Self-released)
Velvetians: Cry by your eyes (from “Plastic glam”/Lottarox)
Def Leppard: Hell raiser (from “Yeah!”/Mercury Records)
Daucus Karota: Angel (from “Shrine EP”/Triple X)
Bauhaus: Ziggy stardust (from “1979-1983 Volume two”/Beggars Banquet)
Poison: Rock & roll all nite (from “The best of Poison”/Capitol Records)
Shy: Land of a thousand lies (from “Shy”/Escape Music)
Beggars & Thieves: Innocence (from “We are the brokenhearted”/Frontiers R.)
Motley Crue: Primal scream (from “Greatest hits”/Eleven Seven Music/EMI)
Underdogs: Helpless (from “Revolution”/Go Down Records)
Sixty Miles Ahead: Chances (from “Blank slate”/60MilesMusic)
Story Of Jade: C.F. Virus S01 (from “The damned next door”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Piatcions: Sleepless (from “Senseless sense”/I Blame The Parents Records)
Eskimada: Hero (from “Eskimada”/P.R.A.V.)
Dorothi Vulgar Questions: Twenty years ago (from “Against myself”/DVQ Pr.)
Your Tomorrow Alone: Guilty (from “Ordinary lives”/My Kingdom Music)
Mystigma: Never seen before (from “Andagony”/Echozone)
Echoes Of Silence: Outside (from “In vacuum itinere”/Self-released)
Raven Tide. Abyss (from “Echoes of wonder”/Lost Sound Records/Alkemist F.)
Crysalys: My will be done (from “The awakening of Gaia”/Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath)
Tunes Of Dawn: Little darkness (from “Goodbye cruel world”/Echozone)
Evergrey: Wrong (from “A decade and a half – Best of”/Steamhammer/SPV)
Edda Magnason: One man show (from “Goods”/Adrian Recordings)



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