The best of 2011


Skinny Puppy: hanDover – Synthetic Symphony/SPV


Skinny Puppy: hanDover – Synthetic Symphony/SPV
L’Impero delle Ombre: I compagni di Baal –Black Widow Records
Ravenscy: One way out – Dreamcell11/Wormholedeath
The House of Usher: Pandora’s box – Equinoxe Records
The Spiritual Bat: Cruel machine – Danse Macabre


January: Ten: Stormwarning – Frontiers Records
February: Covenant: Modern ruin – Synthetic Symphony/SPV
March: OJM: Volcano – Go Down Records
April: Ballo delle Castagne: Kalachakra – Black Widow Records
May: Belladonna: And there was light – Belladonna Records
June: Pendragon: Passion – Madfish/Snapper/Toff
July: Journey: Eclipse –Frontiers Records
August: The House of Usher: Pandora’s box – Equinoxe Records
September: Seven Dark Eyes: All around me – Crash & Burn Records
October: Edda Magnason: Goods – Adrian Recordings
November: Skinny Puppy: hanDover – Synthetic Symphony/SPV
December: Faz Waltz: Life on the Moon – Rocketman Records

(in alphabetical order)

Canaan: Contro.Luce – Eibon Records
Dexy Corp_: Uchronopilis – Black Rain Records
Digital Factor: Trialog – Black Rain Records
Inkubus Sukkubus: The dark Goddess – Alice In…
The Spiritual Bat: Cruel machine – Danse Macabre

Gothic Metal
Alchemy Room: Origin of fears/A matter of time – Nomadism Records
Inner Shrine: Mediceo: My Funeral Records
Crysalys: The awakening of Gaia – Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11
Ravenscry: One way out – Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11
Trillium: Alloy – Frontiers Records

New Wave
Diego: Gold – Unter Schafen Records/Alive
Karma In Auge: Memorie disperse – Self-released
Other Voices: The beloved child EP – My Passion Records
The Doormen: The doormen – Self-released
Underfloor: Solitari blu – Suburban Sky Records

A.O.R./Melodic Rock/Class Metal
Alyson Avenue: Changes – Avenue Of Allies
Hungryheart: One ticket to Paradise – Fastball/Tanzan Music
Lionville: Lionville – Avenue Of Allies
Myland: Light of a new day – Point Music
Royal Hunt: Show me how to live – Frontiers Records
Homerun: Black world –Tanzan Music
Mecca: Undeniable – Frontiers Records
Shy: Shy – Escape Music
Work Of Art: In progress – Frontiers Records
XorigiN: State of the art – Frontiers Records

Hell In The Club: Let the games begin – Avenue Of Allies
Ragdolls: Dead girls don’t say no – Logic(Il)Logic
Vain: Enough rope – Jackie Rainbow Records
VV.AA: Rest in sleaze – A tribute to Dave Lepard – Street Symphonies Records
Wrathchild: Stakkattakktwo – Perris Records

Crown Of Autumn: Splendours from the dark – My Kingdom Music
Doomsword: The eternal battle – Dragonheart
Hollow Haze: End of a dark Era – Crash & Burn Records
Majestic Downfall: The blood dance – My Kingdom Music
The Black: Gorgoni – Black Widow Records

Ants Army Project: Wooden days –Tea Kettle Records
Muzzled: Reborn – Go Down Records
Pater Nembrot: Sequoia seeds – Go Down Records
The Volcano Heat: Vive le rock! – Go Down Records
Zoroaster: Matador – Steamhammer/SPV

Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal
Cheer Accident: No ifs ands or dogs – Cuneiform Records
Dream Theater: A dramatic turn of events – Roadrunner Records
Goad: Masquerade – Black Widow Records
Il Tempio Delle Clessidre: Il Tempio delle Clessidre – Black Widow Records
Legend: Cardinal points – NoFish Productions

Labels (alphabetical order)
Avenue Of Allies
Black Rain Records
Black Widow Records
Crash & Burn Records
Frontiers Records
Nuclear Blast Records
Synthetic Symphony/SPV
Tanzan Music

Other Emerging Italians
Absynth Aura
At The Funeral Of My Violet Rabbit

     Best Live
Alter Bridge – Palaforum, Pordenone – October, 26th



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